Monday, September 21, 2009

How Can He Be So Industrious?

I came downstairs this morning, took my cup of coffee and left Martin and Anja to fend for themselves while I sat and read the blogs. When I came back to the front of the house, Anja was naked and Martin was underneath the bathroom sink cleaning out a clogged drain. It's 6:30 in the morning and he's taking the plumbing apart. I wish I were so motivated!

Our Sunday was just as nice as our Saturday. We walked to the 9:30 mass and afterward just kind of played with the girls until naptime, during which I made an apple pie. Since Martin and I can't eat an entire apple pie by ourselves, we walked it down to K.Dee's and shared it with everyone down there. When we got back, Martin got out his Ice Cream Ball (a Christmas present from two years ago that was still in its box!) and we made ice cream! Then we ate the ice cream with our pie. Superfun! My parents came over to say goodbye as they are leaving for their vacay this morning. We were meeting an artist at Vienna at 7:00 to hang a show, but we went early and Martin dropped me off there with my new Mothering Magazine, and he took the girls to the grocery store. (He had used up all of our salt and cream making the ice cream, haha!) I had a nice little 45 minutes by myself to devour my magazine before the artist got there, and Martin and the girls showed up just as we were finishing hanging the prints. It was a very enjoyable evening!

So this artist is Jeff Hagen and his stuff is really neat, and he's a funny guy. It was good to talk to him, especially because we were neighbors for a little while when I lived in my old apartment. I told him where I'd lived and he said, "Were you the girl with the kitchen fire?!" Hahaha, remembered so fondly. Then we talked about all our drug-dealer neighbors, and had some laughs. Nice guy! He has some stuff at Vienna now and will have a bigger show up at K.Dee's in November.

I needed to read the blogs this morning for inspiration. I think someone downtown should start a neighborhood petting zoo. I was saddened that Stuckey Farms didn't have any animals running around, and I am craving some animal time for both me and Anja.

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