Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Heat Is On

It's really that time of year--heater season! I've run a few different places this morning and I noticed that the buildings are all toasty warm, but I go outside and the temperature change is shocking. I love it! It makes me more excited for fall than I've been in the past few weeks. I've been kind of dreading fall. Not because I don't love fall, but because I just haven't been ready for summer to be over. Next summer will be less dissappointing, I swear. I will try to get something out of my garden, I will go swimming, I will get a tan, and I will spend more time outside with the girls. We did eat well this summer, that's one good thing.

I went to the dentist this morning FOR THE LAST TIME. Finally, this whole silly ordeal with my tooth is over! And it's only been 14 months! It's just been one thing after another though... for example, my appointment today was actually supposed to be on Monday, but when I went to it, they told me my crown hadn't arrived yet, so I had to reschedule! Gr. Oh well, it's all set now.

Greta is actually beginning to crawl, even if her progress comes in tiny steps. All last night she was practicing lifting her hands off the ground while rocking on her hands an knees, and she got one full movement of the hands and knees moving together completed. Go, Greta, Go! Soon she'll be zipping around, keeping up with Anja. I can hardly believe it. She has her six-month checkup next week and I'm really eager to see how much she weighs. five hundred pounds, at least. This girl is a chunk.

Martin and I like to plan out our retirement. The thing I'm most looking forward to in retirement is wearing clothes from L.L.Bean and Coldwater Creek. I kind of like old lady clothes. Obviously I'm not going to wear them now.... but I kind of look forward to being old and shopping solely from catalogues.

I realize this isn't the advertised controversial post, but maybe I'll get to that later. Right now I am up at my mom's house, where Anja and Greta stayed to play while I was at the dentist. Anja loves playing in Ooma's backyard!

Anja has been eating all of her meals on an egg tray lately. Compartmentalization is a wonderful thing in Anjaland.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie! We need to get her one of those Japanese lunch box things with the compartments! Not the $25 version....I'll see what I can find at Walmart!
Love, Mama

Sarah said...

Seriuosly. How can you title a post "The Heat is On" and then NOT MAKE IT CONTRIVERSIAL??? I spelled that wrong. Anyway, you're annoying=)

Annie said...

Mama, they are Bento Boxes!!! I've been looking for them on the internet because I've wanted some for awhile... preferably one for each of the four of us. Maybe for Christmas....

Sarah, you'll love the controversy. It'll make you really mad.