Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Move

I put Greta down on the floor today, and she immediately bolted toward this colorful hat that was on the floor. Hands and knees, moving just as they are supposed, to REAL CRAWLING, the few feet to that weird hat. She doesn't usually do that. She tends to favor the fling-herself-forward method to get to whatever she wants. I like to put appealing items a little ways in front of her and see how fast she can get to it. This is only a game we can play when Anja's not around though, because Anja is a major Toy Stealer. She is, however, really good at trading. If she wants what Greta has (she ALWAYS wants what Greta has) she will go get something else for Greta. This isn't so bad. At least it's better than the simple grab-and-run.

I got a gift certificate to Von's for my birthday last year. For those of you who don't know, my birthday is ten days away.... or something like that. Anyway, I still haven't spent the gift certificate. So tonight we had leftover chicken pot pie (WAY better than I'd expected it to be, having not used a recipe!) then bundled the girls in rain gear and headed up the hill to Von's. It was a FABULOUS rainy night walk, and we got hot chocolate at Vienna too. With the gift certificate we bought the new Eels album, which we haven't listened to yet, but Martin just came in and informed me that we'll be going to my uncle's farm on Sunday to help him clean up for his fall party, which is next weekend. This is great because Anja will LOVE to be there, my aunt and uncle are really fun, and Martin has been hunting out there and he's been looking forward to an opportunity to make a kind of payment. This will be perfect. And it's kind of a long drive out there, so we'll get to listen to our new CD. Hooray!

Tomorrow Martin's going squirrel hunting in the early morning. While he does that, I suppose the girls and I will make our weekly trip to the farmers market. He (Martin) was telling me about some delicious spiced apples he made in college, so I'm going to get a bunch of apples and try the recipe out. Also we make some baked beans with apples in them that are really good. I'm kind of all about apples these days. Anyway, after he gets back, mid-morning, we are going to meet up with his sister at Wolf Park and to their benefit walk. Anja will be so excited to see wolves!!! She will say "woof! woof!" the whole entire time, I just know she will. Evidently when you sign up, you sign up as a "pack" and TusaRebecca did it over the phone, but she made Anja our official pack leader.

Bedtime! Happy weekend!

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Clare said...

I am all about apples right now too! There are just so many amazing things to do with apples! mmmm!

Its so nice that Anja "trades" with Greta. Anatasia grabs and takes and Isabel gets really mad. Anja is such a sweet big sister! Hope you have fun at the wolf park!