Saturday, January 23, 2010

Break Time

One really fun thing about Anja being a toddler is taking her out on errands alone, with either Martin or me. Right now she's out with Martin going to the bank and to Rural King. She was excited to go, and since Greta went down for a nap as they were heading out the door, I have a little mid-morning break! I realize it's coming up on noon, but that is another thing that makes this day amazing: we all slept in until almost 9:00! Considering we all got to bed at midnight, that doesn't make it SO amazing, but still.... it was a rare treat. Greta and I woke up first and started making pumpkin bread for breakfast... Anja woke up shortly after and came to help. She loves to help me bake! I saved back some of the pumpkin to give to Greta and she liked it but it was EVERYWHERE by the time she was finished with it and while I was wiping her down I said, "Greta, you may need a bath after this breakfast!" Moments later I heard some racket coming from the bathroom and it was Anja getting Greta's baby tub out and putting it in the bathtub! Then she proceeded to take all of her clothes off and climb in. She wanted to take a bath with Greta! It was very cute. She likes to have the faucet dripping during her bath so she can drink from it and fill up her cups. This morning she would get water on her hand and shove it into Greta's mouth to feed it to her. Luckily, Greta was just as amused.

Last night we ate dinner as soon as Martin got home and then planned to go to the grocery, but Anja wanted to go to bed instead, so she did and after awhile Greta and I went to the grocery alone. Greta was very happy and awake when I got there, but I pulled into a parking place and reached for my purse--and realized it wasn't there. Whoops! Back home we went. I received a text from Martin on my way that Anja was awake and he was getting her back to sleep. I got my purse and headed back to the grocery. I pulled in this time and saw that Greta had fallen asleep. Hmmm... it was a little early for her to go to bed for the night, but a little late to have a nap. I got a text from Martin saying Anja wasn't going back to sleep and I texted back questioning if we should come back and get them. He took a long time to respond, so I just risked it and woke Greta up and took her into the store. I got her situated in a cart and was buckling her in when I heard back from Martin: Yes. So I unloaded Greta from the cart, put her back into her carseat (screaming) and headed back home AGAIN! I wasn't too upset though because I much prefer to go grocery shopping as a family. Since we kind of live under a rock, our weekly grocery run is about the extent of our social outings. So it was a good night. Anja got some stickers. When we got home, she told us she had to go pee-pee, and she did it! So she got to put some stickers in her sticker book. That was by far one of the best gifts we've ever given her. She LOVES it. And she keeps it in her own special place on top of her crayon box. When she's finished, she puts it away herself. So fun!

And that's about all the news from here.

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