Saturday, January 23, 2010

Garden Planning

We came to my parents' house for dinner--yummy pasta. You can probably guess the quality of the meal by its name.

One other thing we've been doing with our time lately is planning our garden. With a chunk of our tax return money we are planning to finance our summer vegetables and flowers. In the fall when our new neighbor Kelsey moved in, her dad told us we could have her vegetable boxes, which the Cooks built, because she wasn't going to use them and he would just be throwing them out. This makes me EXTREEEEMELY excited. Not only does it extend our garden by two or three times what it was, but the soil will be better than what we have, and we won't have to worry about that Black Walnut tree poisoning our produce. So we're hoping for a better year in the tomato department.

One box will be devoted to peppers and tomatoes. Another will be carrots and onions. We're going to have a couple or few cabbages and try our hand at making saurkraut. We're turning our original garden plot into a canteloupe patch, our pumpkin went back to the trash pile by the driveway, I threw some potatoes out into the Jungle with high hopes, and we're also (in the normal garden) going to have zucchini and lettuce. I've decided to extend my herb box by hanging some boxes along the fence so along with basil (in its own pot), thyme, oregano and cilantro (what I had last year in my herb box) I will have chives, parsley and dill. I am SO EXCITED. I'm also excited to work in my garden this year because I have a good feeling about it this year. I am not PLANNING on being pregnant this summer, I won't have a newborn, and my girls will be old enough to play outside happily for long amounts of time. And if our Easter plans of fixed-up tricycles turns out well, they will have a summer full of trike riding to keep them busy while I work. Our backyard is mostly sidewalk paths (except for a small grassy area and the areas that are the garden) so it's the PERFECT place for tricycle riding. We have vowed to make our yard great this year (finally.) So here's hoping! I'm really excited! We drove down to Crawfordsville awhile back


Flowers said...

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Anne said...

Hey I never even thought about the possibility of having a garden once we have a house!! Probably not this summer baby and all.

Annie said...

Hey, I never finished this post. Now I don't even remember what that last sentence was going to say! Whoops!

LauraSuz said...

This makes me excited for spring and summer! Since I have no idea where we'll be living I'll have to live vicariously through you.