Friday, January 1, 2010

Two-Thousand-Ten? Twenty-Ten? Happy New Year, However You Pronounce It!

Much like Christmas, this year was by far one of the best New Years Martin and I have ever had! New Years is usually a dreaded holiday for both of us and always has been. Ugh. Year after year I've gotten my hopes up for a fun New Years Eve, only to be disappointed. This year, however, was an exception! We had invited our wonderful friend Joannie over for dinner. We thought three seemed kind of a lonesome number so at the last minute I also invited our neighbor Kelsey to come over. We had venison meatballs (which are basically personal-sized meatloaves) broccoli with almonds, and tomato bisque. After dinner we roasted chestnuts in the oven and then ate them... sort of. We all thought they were kind of gross. But it was still a festive thing to do.

Kelsey left after dinner and I put Greta to bed and Joannie stayed for hygge, which included Martin's famous spicy hot chocolate in our hugmugs! And even though none of us had planned on it or expected it, she stayed until midnight! And by that time both girls had woken up and wouldn't go back to sleep, so we were ALL up to ring in the new year together! Lucky us!! It was a very festive night. Unfortunately, the festivities continued waaaaaaay past any reasonable bedtime, as neither girl wanted to go back to sleep, and when we tried to drive the back door was frozen and wouldn't latch, so obviously, we couldn't go anyplace (unless we wanted Greta to fall out of the car onto the road... which we didn't.) Eventually Martin got the door to close and we went for a drive, which did not put anyone to sleep (except me) so we went back home and they both went down--Greta easily, Anja not so easily--only to wake up an hour or two later (Greta) and stay up for an hour or so more....

But even with all that, it was STILL one of the best New Years ever! And this morning we woke up and were getting ready for Mass and I said, "gosh, I wish my parents would invite us up to their house for a new years brunch." and then we thought about a little bit and decided to call them up and invite ourselves! So we did! And that's where I am now, keeping warm while I write this post and patting my full belly. Yum yum yum!

And so, in closing, I ask you: how will YOU pronounce the new year?

Happy day!


Anonymous said...

Twenty-Ten for me. I'm so glad you thought about a New Year's brunch! Thanks for coming.
Love and Happy New Year,

LauraSuz said...

I think I'm a Two-Thousand-Ten girl myself.

Happy New Year!

Joannie said...

I had SUCH a fun time! Thank you for inviting me! It was definitely one of my best New Years Eves I've ever had, too!! I think my best ones have been the "quiet" ones.

I've been saying two-thousand-ten, but I think after talking to Martin, I want to say Twenty-Ten because it'll make it easier to transition to Twenty-One-Oh-One someday. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I saw in a magazine that they used 2K10 for 2010. Remember the y2k scare? I guess someone has a romantic attachment to it? It was a sports magazine, and they are into "K" for races (3K, 5K). Maybe the sports establishment will use 2K10?