Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Picking up Toothpicks

Just a little bit ago I was cleaning up the disasterous kitchen.

Over time, the toothpicks, which we keep on the kitchen table in a little glass holder, get spread all over the table. Today I thought, "it's time to clean the table." So, one by one, I collected all the toothpicks and put them back into their tiny holder. Another thing that tends to get spread all over the table is the table salt (along with various bits of meals) and so I sighed and reached over to clear off the spilled salt and dried bits of food. And, oops, my hand bumped the tiny glass container and there went all the toothpicks.

And that pretty much killed any motivation I'd had to clean up the kitchen.


Anne said...

Annie, I miss you! I'd even come clean your kitchen so I can hang out and chat with you. :o)

LauraSuz said...

Ugh! The toothpicks from hell.

Sarah said...

Haha!! Don't bother cleaning it :) Christopher was trying to make tapioca pudding today and spilled the dry tapioca everywhere. It is nearly impossible to sweep those little balls up. And while I was cleaning that, PX poured green sprinkles and red hots all over the carpet . . . yesterday it was a whole bag of brown sugar . . . are we insane yet?

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

LOL! Aww!! I remember once, in your mom's class, Matt Brogan threw this goo stuff at me while her back was turned and it landed right on the floor under my desk and made the grossest sound. I could not stop laughing and your mom was (rightly) annoyed. Matt gave me this look like, "Don't get it taken away!" So I had to pretend I was hysterical for no reason. I got sent into the hall. LOL Poor Mrs. Hatke.. I was a devil child.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Catie! I'm glad I'm not teaching anymore, but I did love every one of those kids, all through the years. Sometimes I think that maybe I just wanted to see all of them in Heaven that maybe I just pushed too hard. But I still think of them all and it hurts my heart (ha ha Annie, the old saying!!) that so many have fallen away.
Love. Mrs. H