Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keeping it Warm on the Feast of the Epiphany

Please excuse the snot-encrusted noses.

Greta's new favorite hangout--under the coffee table.

During the last snow

Sorry again for the line of pictures... silly Blogger.

This evening Anja stayed up late so we could have a big dinner together and open small gifts for Twelfth Night. Martin came home on his lunch break and fed Anja her lunch while I ran over to Von's to pick up some gifts. I was going to get Anja stickers--just stickers--but their blank books lured me in with their many cat-picture-cover options. And so I caved and got Anja a book with a pretty cat on the front and gave it to her as a Sticker Book. I felt a little foolish because I thought she would be too young to understand a sticker book, but she actually caught on right away and LOVED IT. Loved it so much, in fact, that she didn't take one bite of her dinner! She spent the entire dinner engrossed in her stickering. SO CUTE. Serves me right though, for opening presents before eating! Ha! Lesson learned. Oh well, it'll make a good breakfast for her.

It only occurred to me while I was waiting for the potatoes to finish boiling that I should've made the girls crowns for our festive dinner! So I zipped in and whipped one up for Anja as fast as I could (and with Martin's help) but even so, I was not fast enough and the venison that was on the stovetop turned out a little dry. Was it worth it?

For Greta we got a paperback copy of "Town Mouse, Country Mouse," a book we didn't yet have, but is a bookshelf neccessity.

And for Martino, the newest Bob Dylan album that was released some months ago, and these:

Made with love. They actually were really easy, except for the mistake of getting carried away on the thumbs and making them really, really long. They are lined with brown fleece which I scored for about a dollar (for a ton of it) at Jo-Ann's the other day in their remnants bin. (The remnants are already on sale, but everything was an additional 70% off! Yahoo!) I pulled some cute, yet manish buttons off of something else I had lying around and the loops that hold them back are little green yarn braids. I figure if I spend enough time on the details, the big mistakes will be more forgiveable.

Another craft I've been working on too much lately are these little creatures:Admittedly modeled after Santa's Gnomes these little woodland creatures are completely addicting. I can't stop making them. Luckily, Anja adores them and they get along very well with the friendly gnomes.

So this is how I've been spending my time while the girls just play in the front room, which is the warmest room in the house these days, until we get our woodstove up and running. Brrrrr.... anyway, I keep hearing that we're going to get a lot more snow tonight or tomorrow. Yay! Maybe Ivy Tech will have a snow day and Martin won't have to go to work! Well, we can hope anyway.


Anne said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures!! I love seeing your handiwork since I myself am not so crafty as you. It's still inspiring to look at someone else's stuff. Encourages me to give it a go - even if mine won't be as nice!

LauraSuz said...

You're such a good Mama, Annie! You seem to always be using the talents God gave you.

Enjoy this wonderfully snowy day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Annie, it was totally worth it to make the crown. Anja looks super-cutie!

Justin said...

Thanks for popping in on my blog Annie! Stay warm and safe in this COLD snowy weather!

TusaRebecca said...

Whoa! Great job on the mittens! Awesome! I want to make a pair for me. Maybe tnoight I'll wander over and give you the ones I made for you. The girls are super cute in the snow and I LOVE the tutu with the snow boots. Very chic!

Bethany says, "Tell Annie to quit being so cute!" hee hee. Obviously we're not working too hard today!

Maryanne said...

Isabel loves the pic of the little fairy dolls. Every time I tried to scroll down from it, she screamed, "I want to see picture!" Nice job! If only I were that creative!

Jill said...

Wow!! You got a comment from Justin the weatherman!

I just love the little dolls! And the mittens, too! I made Joannie some fingerless gloves for Christmas but they don't have a cool foldover thingy. Nice!

Clare said...

I am so glad Santa's gnomes have been so inspiring! I love the clothespin dolls and the mittens! Anna invited me to a little knitting night, so maybe I can get back into knitting and make Nick some "bum mittens" to match Martin's! lol.

Ben Hatke said...

Your kids get some kind of award for cuteness. Way to go!

kels said...

Anja seems like she's got such the little personality! she cracks me up in these pictures!