Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sewing Machine

So a loooooooooooooong time ago.... as in, 7 years ago....... my mom gave me a sewing machine. She gave my sister one too. I think my sister uses hers a lot, but mine lived in its original box at my parents' house until just this year when it moved into our house and has since lived on a hallway shelf, still in its box. However, I've tried to set it up a number of times. And one time, I even got the top string threaded (correctly, I think) but then I realized you had to have a bobbin for the bottom string and that was something I didn't have. A long time and a lot of searching later, I got a bobbin. I think I got it from my sister, who knows how to use her sewing machine. So I tried to set it up with both strings, but I couldn't figure the thing out and I gave up. (Some background information: I HATE SEWING MACHINES. Every time I use one, I break it. And since I would be using this one in my own house by myself, if it broke, I wouldn't have anyone here to fix it for me. So I have spent my entire life happily sewing the old-fashioned way.) So last night I realized that I have a ton of projects started (or planned) and there is no way I'm ever going to get them done if I only sew by hand. So I decided I would set up my sewing machine. (A little tidbit of dreaming: The upstairs landing, which used to be the "book nook" and which now is where our dressers are, is someday going to be my "craft nook" which I will call my "craft pantry" because it sounds cute, even though the landing is not a pantry. But if I ever live in an old house with a butlers pantry, you'd better believe that little room is going to be my crafting space! Until either of those times, I'm stuck with setting my sewing machine up in very inconvenient locations, including, but not limited to, the bathroom floor.) So I texted my neighbor, Kelsey, who seems to be pretty crafty and cute and asked her if she knew anything about sewing machines. She didn't. It didn't matter much because the girls were up ALL NIGHT, so I wouldn't have ever had time to actually get the machine set up, let alone sew anything, blah blah blah.... and then this morning I cleared some hidden space to store some crafting stuff in the living room and then thought I might set up my sewing machine on one of the little tables in there. So I dug out the box and pulled out the machine and--BIG MISTAKE. Anja totally freaked out. She was terrified of the thing! I have NO idea why!! Needless to say, I put the machine right back in its box and I feel totally justified in keeping it there for awhile more and continuing on with my sewing projects by hand.

And just because you might be curious, one of those projects includes a blanket for Pink-Pink made of a fat quarter of the most adorable fabric I've ever SEEN on one side and on the other side is a brown recieving blanket from the girls newborn days, and on the back bottom corner I'm embroidering an owl. I think it's going to look really cute!

And another project is with some other super cute fabric from the same line (this stuff includes pictures of adorable raccoons, squirrels, birds, and possums!) which I am going to make into a little apron for Anja. VERY CUTE.

Then there's Anna's secret Christmas present which may or may not be done by next Christmas...

and then there's all that knitting I'd like to do. I made a hat for Greta which is kind of cute, but I don't really know why I bothered making it, since she won't keep hats on her head, except for this kind of ugly Old Navy hat which has "Old Navy" stamped uglily across the forehead.

And there's always my woodland people addiction.... and those cute little owls....

I know this is not original at all, but I am realizing the cuteness of owls. REALLY CUTE! Not as cute as possums, but much more craft-friendly. I can't really imagine embroidering a possum on Pink-Pink's blanket, but an owl is easy.

Martin's been working way overtime lately (though don't let the word "overtime" fool you there...) and it's kind of depressing. Although Anja got a nap today so she's up with us for dinner and he is home and playing with her, which is great.

I can see my breath back here!


Anonymous said...

Annie, first of all, I will be over sometime tomorrow to give a tutorial on the sewing machine. Secondly, you can't possible remember, but I used to sew my crafts on a sewing machine (that used to belong to Great-Grandma Brown!!!and was held together with duct tape and spit!!!)in Sarah's bedroom on Cason Street. That meant that I had to be done by sewing after the children were asleep. Do you wonder why I once threw a craft across the room and burst into tears??? I understand. Actually, I gave up crafting for years. I think you are a stronger woman than I.
Yo Mama

kels said...

I so wish I could've been of SOME assistance on the sewing machine thing... unfortunately, no. I wish I was a crafty as you think I am! haha :)

Joannie said...

I miss Cason Street.

Random comment, I know. But when your mom mentioned Sarah's room on Cason Street, the most vivid picture popped in my head and made me miss the place.

Jill said...

I was only ever in that house one time, but I remember it was a magical house. I remember how Sarah's room had a door with a staircase that led up to the attic. I remember the doors all had transom windows above them, like St. Boniface classrooms (and most old houses, I came to learn). I remember the massive, beautiful wooden front staircase, and the narrow, secret back staircase (which was orange). I was only there once, but so many things stuck in my memory about that place. It must have been so great to grow up there.
They sure don't build them like that anymore! There's nothing magical about drywall and vinyl siding.
...sorry, that comment had nothing to do with your post. it's Joannie's fault.

Annie said...

Hahaha, you Watson girls better watch it or you'll make my mom cry!!! LOL!