Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Shouldn't Be Doing

Blogging is definitely NOT the way I should be spending my time right now. I should be cleaning up the kitchen so that the first thing I see when I come downstairs in the morning won't be a pile of dirty dishes glaring at me. I want to up in the warm part of the house reading "The Handmade Home," which Martin so thoughtfully brought home to me from the library today. But those are things that technically can be done while the girls are around, and since both girls are sleeping and Martin is returning my dad's truck to my parents' house, I thought I'd take the chance to jump on the computer and update you all on my extremely boring life. Yesterday Martin drove up north and brought home a truckload of firewood and our newest family member: I don't think it has a name yet but Martin's got hearts in his eyes as he wears it around on his belt. Silly boys. His cowboy gun left us and this was the replacement. Funnily, having a gun was something I never really thought of, even when I lived by myself downtown, until Martin had one. And then the short time he was without one left me really wanting one. I hope that doesn't make me sound violent... it's just that I worry about him when he walks down to the VP at night to buy us our winning lottery tickets. Potty training is going remarkably well. The only trick is, the "big girl underpants" (that I might or might not have embroidered with owls and snails) aren't much motivation. They must feel too much like diapers because the only accidents we've had are when she's wearing them, otherwise she ALWAYS goes on the potty. She's going on the potty so often now that she's stopped expecting stickers after every time! What a big girl. And can I just say that toddler training underpants are the cutest things IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am floored by their cuteness, especially when worn on my beautiful Anja's little rumpus.

I updated Greta there on my sidebar and behind her you can see the little curtain I made to hide the CD player in the front room. It was a cute skirt, but it makes a cuter shelf-hider.

And here is the apron I made from a little girls size 4 dress. I wish the print showed up more clearly because it is MOST adorable:

Ok, actually you can't see it at all. Well, trust me, it's really cute, with these funny little men on it and these funny little hot air ballooons. I really should've done a close-up. I used the buttons down the back as a waistband and it looks really cute! Unfortunately, it is extremely unflattering. I try not to think about that though when I'm wearing it.

We're getting lots of snow. Good night for hygge!


Anne said...

Love all the new pictures. Especially the one of Anja beneath the apron...too cute!

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RussellDMcveigh said...

此處是值得一探究竟的好部落格!! .........................................

Laura said...

Annie, you should totally give Anonymous all your information, credit card numbers, ss #'s, name of your car - the works. It looks legit to me.

Annie said...

I wonder if I'm getting all this spam stuff because I got my pretty background from a free blog background website? Hmmm..... lol