Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy Keeping Busy

Here is a taste of our lazy life lately, in pictures. Anja has been spending a lot of time on the ledge in the hallway that connects the front of the house (the old part) to the back of the house (the new part, which we think was built in the 50's.) Where she's sitting now is directly across from the laundry room. Anyway, she sits up there with my button tin and plays with the buttons. FOR HOURS. She loves them. She studies each and every button and tells me about it. "Gooooo. Gahr." (Blue heart.) There are mama buttons and baby buttons, broken buttons and buttons of all different colors. If she starts getting a little out of control at any time during the day, all I have to say is, "would you like to sort your buttons?" and that solves all problems. It's amazing.

This is just a picture of the girls playing together and being cute. They've really started playing together instead of just around each other. Anja has always been good at interacting with Greta and being patient with her babyness (in other words, the fact that she doesn't really do much) but Greta is finally getting it. They wrestle, laugh, make weird noises in each others faces, and fight--just like real siblings!
And they share bananas too! A banana is actually the perfect snack--they each get half and while much of Greta's ends up on the floor, both girls can finish half a banana.
Anja has only been wearing dresses lately in order to make potty training easier. She's also been choosing her outfits for the past couple of weeks (and sometimes Greta's too) which makes for some interesting combinations. This one isn't so bad though.

This is a picture of one of Anja's drawings. She often fills a page with tons of tiny spots. Translated, this is a picture of dogs, cats, and all of her favorite family members.

We spent some time in the bedroom today.

Greta ADORES Theodore.
Anja plays upstairs by herself sometimes and I can hear her through the monitor. Yesterday I went up to put Greta down for a nap, and Anja was looking out the window with her doll. I ran downstairs to get my camera but when I got back she noticed me and moved. This is not-as-good recreation of the moment.

And that's pretty much it. I've FINALLY set up my sewing machine and have begun making things.... lots of things... and I have a growing list of creations to make and add to my Etsy store. I am very excited! I still feel like I am not completely in control when I use a machine, but I can't help liking the speed of it! I can start and finish a project in one evening! Woohoo!
Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Did you get a new camera? Very cute pictures! Yeah for potty training! Call me tomorrow if you can... will be in Pareee(is) all next week
Jennifer (Perkins)

Anne said...

I had just been missing all those pictures of your cute gals! So thanks for sharing. Precious.

Sarah said...

Oh my, Anja IS her Grandmama in that top picture!! Wow. Bella LOVED these pictures. She saw Anja and said "Pie!"