Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going Down the List

Well it's good to know that at least Anja is not unique in her gender recognition problems. Thanks for all the feedback; I was beginning to think Anja really did look man-ish.

Yesterday Anja won the award for "Whiniest Baby Ever." I couldn't please her, no matter what I did. It took me an hour and a half to get her down for her nap, and she only slept that long too, which is NOT enough for her. So after about an hour of being awake and happy, we reverted back to the whining. Finally in the afternoon I took her out to the yarn store and to Target, which seemed to cheer her up a lot. I guess she just needed a change of pace. At the yarn store I got a few skeins from the sale bin to make THE CUTEST HAT IN THE WORLD for Anja. It's called "Flower Toggle Hat" and there's no getting around the fact that this IS the cutest hat in the universe. I started it last night and so far it's looking good. I'm really happy with the way I've become a better knitter over the past... what, year and a half? Two years? However long I've been knitting. I'm still at the beginner level, but I'm just better at the few things I can do. Anyway, this hat is one of those marvelous projects that looks difficult but is actually ridiculously easy, so I'm thrilled to be making it. And it's SO CUTE.

At Target I mostly got stuff for the new baby! Yay! I got a bag of size 1 diapers, a box of wipes and some refills. Okay, so I guess that's all I got for the baby. We were in need of all those annoying little things that you hardly ever need to buy... bottle brushes, lint rollers, ant poison, toothpaste... so it was kind of a fun trip because of the out-of-the-ordinary shopping list.

And speaking of lists... I made a list a week or so ago called "Things to Do Before Dinosaur #2 Arrives." Almost everything is checked off the list!!! This is greatly pleasing to me. Mostly what is left on the list is stuff for Martin to do, but the biggest thing got accomplished last night, which was picking up the dresser from my Aunt Anna May. I'm SO happy to have it! Martin took it up to the bedroom this morning and Anja and I spent most of the morning up there putting tiny clothes and onesies and socks into drawers, and making the top look cute. We had to move around a few things, which included turning a barrell that had previously been used as a table into a trashcan. It'll be nice to have a trash can in the bedroom. It will also be nice to be able to change the baby upstairs; with Anja, once we moved back upstairs (after camping out in the backroom for the first two weeks) we'd have to come all the way down to her room to change her diaper in the night. This will be a better setup.

I'd had the idea to move all the kids' clothes upstairs and all of our clothes downstairs, but I think I'm not going to do that after all. It seems kind of stupid now that I'm thinking about it. Anja's stuff is all exactly where I want it to be, so I'm not going to mess with it. I can bring what few things Martin has in the upstairs closet downstairs and take my few things from his closet downstairs upstairs and that will be a lot easier than moving everybody's entire arrangement. The concern was having our clothes in the bedroom when we get up and dressed before babies are awake for the day. Meh. I don't think I've ever woken Anja when going up to the closet before, so I am just not going to worry about it.

Does this post win the Most Boring Post Award, or what?!?

Anyway, now that I've got that dresser in order I feel SO relieved. That was the last big thing that needed to be done. The few things left on the list can be done any time, even after the baby arrives.

Martin is at work this morning, but he should be getting home a little after noon or so. It's always a bummer when he has to work Saturdays, but it's a million times better than having him work every weekend like he did at Wabash! It's amazing how much more we see of each other now. If we have a weekend where we don't see as much of each other, we don't feel completely hateful toward the world anymore! It's really great.

If the baby has not arrived by next weekend I think we'll use that weekend to get the Big Back Room in order. If not... then I don't think it'll get done till after the new arrival's arrival. This is okay. I don't care all that much... It already looks loads better than it did, and that's a good start.


Sarah said...

You can blame your stinky old brother in law for the fact that Martin had to work on a Saturday. It was entirly his fault!

Anna May said...

I like your new header.