Friday, June 19, 2009

And It Was SO Worth It!

My favorite kind of bad weather is the kind that pushes you into a REALLY fun situation. I'm sure I've mentioned here about the "Tomato Party" when I lived at my sister's house and we all ended up in her basement (her family--Christopher and Grace were babies--and a few friends of mine and myself) eating pizza and hiding from tornadoes. Christopher got the words "tornado" and "tomato" mixed up, so our Tornado Party went down in history as the Tomato Party. Good times!!!

Well, tonight we had another good time, except I guess the sirens didn't ever go off. I was SURE they would... and then Anja unexpectedly woke up only about 45 minutes after she went to bed, just as the storms were coming in. We couldn't get her to go back to sleep, so I took it as a sign that a tornado was coming and that we needed to get to the Cooks storm shelter. So even though there was no real tornado, we called them and invited ourselves over. Martin even went out and got us ice cream! Tara asked Doug to get out the ice cream, but Doug reported that it was freezer burned. A few minutes later Martin said he was going to check on the dog. As soon as he left I said, "yeah right! He's going to the Village Pantry to get ice cream!" Do I know my hubby, or do I know my hubby!? And the cooks had strawberries, so we had quite the tasty treat. The only unfortunate part about it is that we stayed there until 10:00 so now Anja is just going to sleep and Greta stayed up pretty late too. But it was worth it. It was a good time with our good friends who soon will be moving away... to Manhattan!

So Greta is a completely awesome baby. She is so happy. ALWAYS. She talks so much more than Anja did, and she smiles so much too! I'm always kind of glad when she stays up late with Martin and me because it's a nice little time for the three of us, drinking coffee and watching "The Unit."

Okay, so I had written a long article about what a great sleeper Greta is, but since I had to go up to nurse her back to sleep about five times just in the time it took to write the paragraph, I decided to just erase the whole thing. Ha! And she's STILL a better sleeper than her sister!

I guess we'll have a busy weekend... we'll cram all of our obligations into Saturday so we can spend Sunday up at the river with our families. That'll be fun, and less hectic than usual since we'll all be in the same place and won't have to go place-hopping.

Our one episode of "The Unit" is over, so off to bed we go!

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