Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mobile Command Center

Last night Martin and I ate dinner up at my parents house, unexpectedly. When we came home later in the evening, we noticed a giant silver truck parked outside the Cooks' house, with decals all over it saying "Mobile Command Center" and other dangerous sort of things. Doug wanted to peek in the windows but Tara wouldn't let him, so we just speculated for awhile, then we all went into our own houses. Awhile later TusaRebecca came by to pick up a couple of things and she and I stood in the doorway coming up with all sorts of theories. We were sure there was going to be some kind of MAJOR drug bust, but we couldn't tell where. We were getting very excited, promising to call each other if one of us saw the action, when the headlights started flashing!! Oh boy!! So we went out on the porch, but nothing more happened. Then this white-haired, slightly stooped old man in a suit comes hobbling over and opens the back door. We are very curiously watching. Maybe he was just a really old terrorist. Then he opened a cage and this tiny, ancient dog appeared! This dog might have been older than the man himself. He set the dog on the ground wearing its leash. TusaRebecca couldn't contain herself; she went over to tell him what we thought he was. I think he was pretty pleased with himself for fooling us! He said that's his camper and that he "boondocks," which I guess means he parks in parking lots of places like WalMart and helps keep the riffraff away. He said he's in town for a funeral. When he saw Greta, he said, "You have a baby?! That's wonderful! Thank you for having a baby! The world needs more of them." I always think it's very funny when people thank us for our children. It's not the first time it's happened, and I know what they mean, but it still makes me laugh.

So much for a drug bust! That was the hilarious event of my day yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon after Anja woke up from her nap and ate her lunch we met up with my sister and her kids on Main Street and the whole lot of us walked down to the Plaza fountain. The first best part was PeterXavier sitting in the middle of the crosswalk on his BigWheel picking his nose. The second best part was Anja's exitement over the whole outing. She had a very good time. And enjoyed riding PX's Big Wheel...

...And Greta just chilled in the grass.
It's a little late for naps today, but at least both girls are sleeping and went down easily. Greta is such a good and predictable baby, I just have to make sure I pay attention. When I keep an eye on the time and think, "oh, Greta is probably getting tired" before she gets fussy, then all I have to do is pick her up in her snuggly pink blanket, smile at her a little bit, and watch her smile back at me until she falls asleep. This method takes about five minutes. The harder method involves me waiting until she is actively acting tired, in which case I have to pick her up in her snuggly blanket and carry her around screaming for awhile... often half an hour or so... until she wears herself out and falls asleep. I much prefer method #1.

Here is our family bed. Notice the tiny sliver of space over on the right where there's no pillow... that's my spot.

And finally, I've finished Anja's little apron that matches mine! I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, and less pleased with the fact that it's been impossible to get a good picture of Anja wearing it. Whenever I get a decent one, I'll post it. Until then, here is a picture of Anja from yesterday. It kind of makes me worry about Anja's future social status... I have a slight fear that her flashy sense of style is going to be a self-nomition into the role of "that kid."
Maybe it's not so bad when she's with her cousin......or maybe it's worse.


LauraSuz said...

I love all the pictures. Your girls are too cute.

TusaRebecca said...

Anja cracks me up! Send some pics to wal-greens for mom soon if you think of it. You'd be amazed how much it perks her up to have them. See you soon!

Clare said...

I love the picture of everyone in the bed... its so familiar!! Too bad Martin isn't off that week. Maybe we could do dinner? Or maybe meet up on the 18th before we drive out of town? I know Nick wants to see Martin... so they can talk about guns and what not. haha.