Monday, June 22, 2009

Holy Moly! Time Flies!

Our little bird is three months old today! THREE MONTHS!! I can hardly believe it. I did this funny, yet really not funny thing this past weekend where Martin was making me glass after glass of iced coffee as a nice cool treat. It was AWESOME... until we wondered why Greta wasn't sleeping. HAHA!! I felt really bad after I figured it out, and quickly cut out that nice little summer treat. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Today Martin and I were reminiscing about our summer of engagement. We were so active that summer, it's no wonder I was so skinny! He reminded me that we used to swim up to the dam at the river a lot. I hadn't thought of that for ages, but we did! We would swim (it wasn't so much swimming as walking upstream through water, since our side of the river gets pretty low in the summertime) up to the dam and then float back down on our backs. It was so much fun. We also rode bikes that summer and would take AT LEAST daily walks over to and all around campus. We would walk up to Slayter Hill from my apartment all the time. That was such a fun summer. And Martin didn't have a job (which wasn't really so wonderful at the time, since we were getting married and he didn't have an income, but looking back it sounds pretty great) so we had all this time on our hands. What a great summer. And the summer before was just as great, because we weren't yet dating but we were becoming best friends and we had SO MUCH FUN together. It was awesome.

And now we sit around and laugh at how cute Anja is and wonder if maybe we should get some hobbies that aren't Anja. You know, just so we'll have something else to talk about in conversation with others.

The Fiddlers Gathering is this weekend. I am SUPER excited and only slightly nervous about taking both girls. I'm actually more nervous about taking Greta out in the heat than I am about anything else. Maybe this weekend will cool down some and it won't be such an issue.

Mrs. Watson came to my house this morning!! She brought me a very adorable box of tea! How sweet. I love the Watsons. For more reasons than bringing over friendship bread and tea, they are the best.

Oh gosh! It's 10:30! It's time to eat Cowboy Beans and watch THE UNIT!! Who says I don't have a good life? I have an excellent life.

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Anne said...

We often think back to our engagement and first year of marriage. Peter didn't have a job then either - full time student and my job schedule was so flexible. We had TONS of time together then, too! And it was SO so much fun. Gee, I can't wait to get home and see that guy again. I miss him!