Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stepping Into the Afternoon...

I feel like I should post, but really there's nothing to say. Evidently our credit card number was stolen. Martin proceeded with caution thinking it might be a scam to get his information, but it seemed to be real; they just verified that it was his card, that the recent charges were not his, and then cancelled it. We won't have to pay what was spent. And it doesn't matter that the card was cancelled because we hardly ever use it. I think we only use it for gas and for emergencies. It's one of those credit cards that you get points for using, so Martin likes to fill the car up with it, then every once in awhile we can cash in our points for things like REAL money. Anyway. The fact that we're now without one doesn't matter.

I made corn soup this morning, but I forgot to keep an eye on it and it boiled and the milk curdled and about an inch of crud formed on the sides of the pan. Kind of gross. So I dumped it (sadly) and tried again with tomato soup. It wasn't very good, but at least Martin was able to have a cozy mug of soup when he came home for lunch on this cozy, rainy, chilly day.

Anja helped me with the corn soup. She started eating the creamed corn right of the can. I think she doesn't have any real interest in cooking... she just likes to taste whatever we're making. Also this morning I made pie crust and when the bowl was only full of flour and salt she got an unpleasant surprise when she stuck her fingers in for a taste! It's fun that she helps me. Any time I am at the counter, whether or not I'm baking, she tries to pull a chair over to help. It's very cute.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with Martin's family. I might be slipping out early with Greta to try and get her to bed on time... the girls have been staying up until about 10:30 the past few nights and it is not a happy thing for anybody.

I have a few sewing projects I really need to finish. One is Anja's little green dress, followed by Greta's little green dress of the same material... and one is Anja's apron which REEEAAALLY needs to get done because she is a messy little Pie.

WBAA has added "Performance Today" to their daytime programming. Ugh. I hate it. It runs from noon-2:00 and Fred Child is sooooooooo annoying. He has the yuckiest voice. So instead of enjoying the cheery yet soothing voice of Jan Simon, I have to listen to him through the entire naptime. Barf!

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Anne said...

I'm glad you posted. I keep posting even though I don't have anything to say either. :o)