Friday, June 12, 2009

I Love Downtown

I'm always happy to be living down here in the Ghetto, but some days I am reminded of how truly fabulouso it is! This evening Martino got home and on his way in picked up the Friendship Bread starter that Jill had left on our porch! (On the table that belongs to Sarah that I've had since that blasted home tour.) How exciting! I LOVE FRIENDSHIP BREAD. We ate a quick dinner of "Lemonicious Chicken" then went for a family walk over to the West Side. We've been doing our best to not spend our money on dumb little things because there are so many big things we want to do this summer (like the Fiddler's Gathering) that we'd rather save up for... but we did get a couple of coffees for our walk. On the way home we passed Scotty's Brewhouse and there was this man with another group of men going in, and I thought, "That looks like Mr. Langenkamp" and I kept doing that quick looking at him, thinking "No, it must not be him, he doesn't live here and he's with all those men." Then as we were passing him, he called my name, and sure enough, it was him! How funny and weird. Then we went home and I called Mrs. Watson to thank her for the bread starter, and I love Mrs. Watson, and then I gave Anja a bath and thought it would be a good time to call my friend Joannie. Unfortunately we didn't get to talk long because Anja has been constipated.

Now both girls are sleeping (MIRACLE!!!!!) and we're about to enjoy some tea and read some "Inside Delta Force."

P.S. If you want to know why I didn't post pictures of the cake I made for Martin's office, check out Jill's blog. As I told Clare, my cake turned out looking like a bad 4-H project. There was no way I was putting pictures of it on the internet... I was embarrassed enough just sending it into his office.

Do you like how I linked everyone I talked about?


Anonymous said...

We talked to the Langenkamp's after Mass Saturday and I talked to him again this morning after 6:30 Mass. He's taking an MBA class at Purdue and is here two weeks at a time every couple months. Tomorrow is his last day of this two week session, so the class was probably going out to celebrate.


Anna May said...

Well, as long as the cake tasted good, who cares what it looked like. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. Thanks for the reply

Joannie said...

I was just going to comment, "Wow, that's a lot of links for one post!!"

I thought you would do another cupcake creation for the office.

It was good to hear from you, as always!

scottysbrewhouse said...

next time, stop into that scotty's brewhouse and get yourself some dill chips! :) -scotty (owner)