Sunday, June 14, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Here I am, before anyone else in my family, COMPLETELY READY FOR CHURCH. An hour ahead of time!!!! This is a once-in-a-lifetime happening. I know that kids are notoriously slow at getting ready for things, especially church, but don't worry, no matter how many kids we have, I'll always be the last one out the door. And it won't be because I'm busy getting all our ducklings ready, either. It's because I can never decide what to wear, and because I tend to sit at the table and zone out in the mornings while drinking my first cup of coffee, instead of actually doing something productive, like taking a shower or getting dressed. In fact, usually Martin is the one who gets both girls ready for church because he quick and efficient and I am slow and tend to dawdle.

Another once-in-a-lifetime happening has occured today: ANJA SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! I am not expecting this to ever happen again, but it was absolutely GLORIOUS to have a full night of sleep. (Waking up to feed Greta twice doesn't count.) Martin and I are showing an amount of energy that we haven't seen in ourselves in a year and a half. It's amazing! No wonder I was so quick at getting ready!

Greta has been in her swing laughing to herself all morning. She is the happiest baby alive. And so easy! We are constantly amazed at the things we can do together with her as an amazing newborn. We can go places! We can talk to people without having to shout over her screams! We can enjoy our evenings together, even if she's awake! She is so sweet and cuddly and predictable. In short, she rocks.

Yesterday ended up being a really nice day, even though nothing went as planned. Martin really wanted to take me on a little date, so my parents came over at 2:00, just like last Saturday, and we woke up Anja from her nap before we left, and she was NOT HAPPY. She usually wakes up from her nap ready to take on the rest of the day, but yesterday she just cried and cried before she even knew we were trying to leave her. So we didn't go on a date--all of us instead walked down to McCord's for ice cream. I felt bad for Martin because even though it was a fun outing, it must be kind of disappointing to want to take your wife out and end up taking your in-laws out instead. So I secretly called his sister later and asked her if she wanted to come watch Anja so we could try again. Hooray! Anja was a zillion times happier by then so we went to the BrewCo and had beers and pepper fries, then took a stroll through Mosey Down Main Street. We saw a number of people we know and it was a nice little outing (with Greta, who slept the whole time!)

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