Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anja Moved Out.... Houdini Moved In!

Today's "Best Thing About Toddlers" is: HOLDING HANDS!!!!!!!! I about melted when I was following behind Anja and her Figgy as we were all walking down the road at the cottage and she was holding his pinky finger!!!

Anja is so active. She can get ANYWHERE. Today I came into the living room (after being out of her sight for about three seconds) and there she was, sitting in her big stroller, absolutely beaming at me and asking for Cheerios. She sat in there for a long time, SO HAPPILY, eating her cheerios. She was so incredibly proud of herself. Then later we were driving home from the store and she kept getting out of her carseat. WHAT?!? I don't know how she does it. She didn't ever make it all the way out (I had to pull over twice to strap her back in properly) but she almost did. She's nuts! I don't even know how she gets the straps off, but she's quickly figuring out how to undo the buckle as well, and when she gets that, we'll really be in trouble.

She's been practicing her fine motor skills by playing with keys. I had no problem with this until today when I found her sticking keys in hole she found throughout the house, and I suddenly realized I don't have enough outlet covers to cover the entire house. I've hidden the keys for now.

Martin's friend Patrick has lent us season 3 of THE UNIT!!!!! Why else would I be up at 12:41?! Because Martin and I couldn't help ourselves. We had to start it, and then we just had to keep watching!!! Well, then we went to bed at midnight, but I was so hungry I couldn't sleep so I came down for cereal and then started blogging. Ooops.

Anja was such a good girl today. We walked over to my sister's house and on the way I said to her, "would you like to go see your cousins?" and a minute later, she started saying "Rah Rah? Rah Rah?" which is how she says "Bella." As I told my sister, I don't think Anja is a genius or mentally advanced or anything... I just never realized how smart kids are at this age. She amazes me with the things she knows! And she follows directions beautifully. If she would use the normal english language we could have some great conversations, but as it is, we communicate almost flawlessly in AnjaSpeak.

Tonight I took both girls to the store by myself again and it was really fun. Greta rode in the wrap and was awake and happy right up to the checkout line, and Anja was wearing some new pajamas I got from Once Upon a Child for only $2.50 (plus 15% off!) and was super happy. We went down the dog and cat aisles a few different times. And we got a huge bag of seed for her bird feeder, which is broken (again. I fixed it with glue, but it must've melted in the rain) So maybe we'll just sprinkle some out in the jungle to try to lure the birds back.



Anna May said...

Anja's speech will come around in time. A year ago Cole would tell Carmen something. If she didn't understand, he would find another word to help her understand. He wasn't 2 at the time. Soon he turns 3, and about 5 months ago he decided to speak clearly. It's so much fun to talk to him. All words are clearly pronounced. So, hers will come around too. Then, you just may wish you hadn't taught her to talk at all. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Joannie said...

Mmmmm.... I'm eating my first-ever piece of friendship bread. You were right to have a "summer of friendship bread"
... and if I don't make more friends around here, I'm going to have one too.