Friday, June 12, 2009

I've Misplaced My Coffee

What is this? I've lost two cups of coffee this morning. I keep putting them down someplace and forgetting where they are.

Anja must be watching us constantly and taking in everything we do. She figures out things that I never would have expected her to even notice. For instance: keys. We used to have a working key fob on our keychain and last winter when we were driving more, I would hold up the keys by the window to start the car. Since then, whenever she finds a set of keys, she holds them up in the air. Then the other day she found my keys and immediately went to the filing cabinet and tried to put the keys into the lock. She spent SO MUCH TIME doing this. And I'm not sure how she figured out the connection between keys and the filing cabinet lock that doesn't even really look like a lock. Yesterday she was showing the same interest, so I fished out the real key to the filing cabinet and put it on my keychain. She's been working and working since yesterday and she often gets the key in and is so proud of herself! Then she'll pull it out and do it again. It's so funny!

The other morning Martin was doing push-ups on the kitchen floor and Anja got down on her belly and started doing them too! Later in the day I asked her if she could do pushups like daddy, and she did it! It was so cute.

Yesterday she was singing, and for the first time I recognized it as really singing. We got out my guitar and she sang with me, then later she wanted something and I told her I'd get it for her if she sang me a song. She grinned and sang a little song for me, then immediately went back for what she'd asked for.

She also is good to tell me when she needs a new diaper.

Meanwhile, Greta reeeaaallly wants to roll over. She isn't that close, but she tries constantly. Today it's finally not raining so I think we'll take a really long walk. And maybe we'll bump into the cousins someplace along the way!

Speaking of cousins, I was on a walk with the girls sometime last week and I randomly bumped into my cousin who lives in San Francisco. I didn't know she was in town, and she was the absolute last person I expected to see in the middle of the day over by pottery painting store. Weird!


Jill said...

Annie, I left some Friendship bread on your porch! I knocked on the front door and called in to you but there was no answer. I figured you must be on a walk or in the backyard or something. That plastic container is my mom's.

I peeked into your front room and I love your house! It is so cute. I could tell from all the houses on the block which one was yours. (Plus Anja's name was written in chalk on the porch) :)

Maybe next time we can stop by and play. Enjoy the bread! I think you're supposed to make it on Tuesday.

Annie said...

Thanks, Jill!!!! I found the bread sometime after you left it, and I'm sooooooooo excited to make it! I'm sorry I didn't hear you. We must've been home, but we can't hear anything past that front room. (We probably should look into getting a doorbell...) You DEFINITELY have to stop in some time to play. As you can see, we have loads of sidewalk chalk. :)

Anonymous said...

Annie you are so funny! I love reading your blog! Sr. Mary Grace actually got the friendship bread from one of her student's mom when school was out, just in time for her home visit to share it with us. She made it and we all loved it! Some of it went to her friends Cathy and Tricia whom we were lucky to visit with and one went to you and one will go to lucky Joannie. Jill might be lucky enough to get a bag to take home when she heads to VA again. It IS yummy! Scary as it grows and breathes in its bag on the counter, but yummy!