Wednesday, December 3, 2008

After Thanksgiving and Still Giving Thanks

I can't even put into words how grateful I am that Martin doesn't work in Crawfordsville anymore. I just read Mike Prangley's blog and I was actually excited for the snow! I was always kind of excited for it last year, but my excitement was always somewhat tainted by my worry of him driving up and down 231 in bad weather. Any day we got snowstorms last winter I was always a nervous wreck until Martin got home. And then overnight wasn't much fun either since he'd just have to go back down the next morning. But this year?? ALL HAIL THE GLORY OF CITYBUS!!!!! The worst that could happen is he slips on his walk across the library parking lot and breaks a hip. And since he's still under the age of 55, that's unlikely. This morning he forgot to brush his teeth before he left the house, so I threw a blanket over Anja and ran his toothbrush and toothpaste across the street and he met me in the lot to retrieve it so he could brush his teeth at work. Perfect! What a setup.

And this made us the other night talk about how lucky we are to live downtown. Talk about convenience! I was over at Vienna last night when he got home, and he didn't know where I was, otherwise he would've just gotten off the bus at the depot and walked up the hill to meet me up at the coffee shop. Because he can do that! Because we live in fabulous downtown Lafayette!

Tonight I made my annual Russian Tea mix. Yum, sugar. Usually I've kept it in an ugly tupperware. This year I'm keeping it in my adorable lidded fish crock that turned out to be THE PERFECT SIZE for the mixture amount. It's a funny little crock because it's a little bit small, so it's not good for much other than sauces or gravy. I'm happy to have my mix in it now for the winter. Useful and cute!

Okay, Anja is asleep and Martin and I are nursing our colds with hot drinks. Oh my gosh, Anja ate SO MUCH CHILI tonight for dinner. It was great because she'd been rejecting everything I tried to feed her all day, and even wasn't taking much of a bottle. So I was really glad when she started chowing down on all the chili goodness. Seriously, I think she ate her weight in kidney beans. Maybe that will get things moving for her--if you know what I mean!

Anyway, I'm not going to waste any more time on here when I could be sitting in my cozy living room with my cozy husband and cozy dog and stinky, but cozy cat... just wanted to say how grateful I am for Martin to be working in town at last!


LauraSuz said...

I get nervous with Dan driving our bad car and he's just in town so I can't image how nervous I would be if he was on the highway with bad weather.

Glad Martin is safe and sound in cozy Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you live in good old downtown Lafayette too!
Saturday is Dickons of a Christmas and according to the paper it is going to be absolutely fabulous this year! Are you going to dress up?
There is a picture of a little toddler girl in the Dickons insert who looks EXACTLY LIKE Anja!
Love, Mama