Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hair... And other thoughts of the morning

I am ever grateful for my trip to Great Clips a few months ago. For the most part my hair has stayed pretty normal looking as it's growing through it's awkward phase. For about a week I could've passed for one of the Beatles but now the ends are curling and the front is much longer so I look more like a woman... and even if that woman is from the late 60's, it's better than looking like a boy. And besides, now if anyone ever asks I can just say, "Hey! I'm not ugly! I'm vintage!"

Meanwhile I feel like I've skipped the last four months of pregnancy and am as huge as I was at the end of Anja's nine months--which is to say the size of approximately three barges. It happened overnight. And it doesn't help my bad-ish hair to also have a bad sense of maternity style. For instance, today I'm wearing blue jeans, the Worlds Largest Maternity Shirt, a somewhat ugly sweater of Martin's that has snowflakes across the front, and Martin's heavy snow boots. (I should be fair and say that the boots are just for warmth while I type this post, as is the scarf around my neck... also Martin's. For most of the day I've been wearing my slippers.) I'm hoping that the growth will slow and that I really won't be as wide as Alaska by the time this baby is born. Although I'd more be as wide as Tennessee... and just as short!

Anja's cold seems to be getting a teensy bit better--just as she's passed it on to us! Martin and I both woke up with sore throats this morning and I've been slightly sniffly. Unrelated to the cold (but completely related to my hugeness) is the return of pregnancy back pain! Luckily it's not yet as bad as it got with Anja. Hopefully it will stay not so bad.

Yesterday Anja literally slept all afternoon. She took a three and a half hour nap and woke up at 3:30 in a great mood. Martin and I were planning on getting Chipotle for dinner (our Free Burrito coupons expire at the end of this month!) anyway, so I took advantage of the unusual situation and called up my friend Alison to meet for coffee! Anja got to have a scone, I got to have a chai, and it's always good to visit with Alison.

Martin is officially a CityBus commuter now. He LOVES it. It picks him up in the front of the library (across the street from our house) and the ride out to Ivy Tech is very short. The route is a loop though, so the ride home is a lot longer, getting him home around 6:00 instead of his past 5:15. I actually find this really nice. For some reason it seems much easier to me to get dinner going at 5:00 than at 3:30 or 4:00 and not be quite sure when he'll really be home. Also, it's SUCH a relief having him work in town. I told him last night, I always felt so stranded. If something were to have happened to one of us, no matter which one had the car, the other would be stuck! And his end of Crawfordsville Commute came at the perfect time with the icy roads on Monday night. That was a wonderful surprise. I think we will find the winter weather much more enjoyable this year, knowing that every day doesn't include Martin risking his life on 231!

Tonight I'm making chili, but I have yet to get it going, so I think I'd better go start that now.

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LauraSuz said...

When I was having back pain Anne told me to spend a lot of time on all fours. I didn't think it would work but worked like a charm and whenever I get just a little back pain I'm on the floor and it's gone.