Friday, December 5, 2008

Inside a Big Coat

Today I'm wearing Martin's big green coat while I sip hot chocolate and type this. Aaaah, life is good! Also, when putting some other winter accessories away a little bit ago, I stumbled upon my stripey Latitude Zero hat!! My favorite!!! It somehow had wriggled it's way to the bottom of the glove basket. I'm glad to have found it again (not that I had ever realized it was lost,) especially since my hair has been so unmanageable these days.

I think instead of vaccuming today I will make Snickerdoodles.

Anja slept well last night and woke up fairly happy. Her cold seems to be so much better and not bothering her nearly as much, even though she still looks gross with her snotty nose. She is SO CUTE... any time I come near her with the snot snorker thingy, she scrunches her eyes closed and covers her face with her hands. It's adorable! It makes it hard to snork her nose, but really, who cares if she looks snotty. We just hang out at home all day anyway. And on the off-chance that we do leave the house, I try to wash her face before we go.

This morning when she woke up she headed straight for the living room and after playing with her toys for about two seconds, she went over to the corner and started pointing at her folded up umbroller. The day before we had gotten it out of the car and used it for a quick trip to the library (where I got my favorite Ina May Gaskin book and two Jan Brett books for Anja) and I think it's so strange, but she really loves that stroller. It's great though, because we had put the big one away to make room for the Christmas decorations. She was so insistent that I got it out from the corner and unfolded it, and she climbed right in! She was so proud of herself! She just sat in it, and would kind of squirm around and smile. I took a lot of pictures of her. I know she wanted to go for a walk, but it wasn't even 8:00 in the morning yet and it was still dark outside. Silly baby! When I finally managed to pull her away from it, I quickly got us both ready (okay, it wasn't quick at all) and we went to the mall. She screamed the whole way there (because I'd folded up her stroller and put it in the trunk--she didn't know she'd see it again!) but once we got there she was soooo happy! She loves to just ride in it. I wasn't planning to buy anything but she's grown out of her blue jeans, so I was kind of on the lookout for a cheap pair. Lucky for me, we went to JC Penny's and all their toddler clothes were half off! I found a cute pair of jeans with ruffly bottoms for only $4.99! Other than that we just walked around and didn't go into many stores. She had a great time and fell asleep as soon as we got back in the car.

Yesterday I worked more on Anja's quilt top and am happy to say that it's already almost finished. I have one more strip to sew and then I have to figure out what to do about a border. I'm pretty sure I have some workable fabric, but the stuff I'd originally intended to use is now being used as a tablecloth underneath our Christmas tree. I'm really excited to be making it for her. Other than her rag doll, it's the first thing I'm making entirely for her, knowing who she is. Everything else it seems I started while I was still pregnant with her. After this one I'm excited to start on the homespun quilt.

I've gone most of my pregnancy being fairly convinced that this new baby is a boy, but then today I started having my doubts. Now I can't make up my mind. I think Martin has thought it's a girl the entire time. I guess we'll find out in March. I like the surprise at the end so I don't think I'd ever give in and find out ahead of time, and I also like wondering about it... but it does make me crazy sometimes! All this back and forth.

I really only got on here because I was waiting for my butter to soften for my cookies.


Anne said...

i want cookies - but i dont want to make them

Maryanne said...

That is so funny how much she loves her stroller! What a smart little girl!