Friday, December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!

Our holiday was not quite as stress-free and easy as I'd been thinking it would be, but oh well. Now it is Boxing Day and Anja is taking a good nap as we speak. Next year we are NOT NOT NOT going to even attempt to attend both family festivities on the same day. BIG MISTAKE!!! Anja was a trooper, but it was still too much to ask of her. Also, there just isn't enough time in the day for two family meals, two rounds of presents, two sessions of just visiting with the families. But, we survived!!

The biggest Christmas news: ANJA IS WALKING!!!! Or at least taking steps. We agreed that it must be from being around her cousins all day, because she very suddenly last night decided to just go ahead and take the steps. Aunt Sarah witnessed her first steps!! She is soooooo cute when she does it, and so proud at the end. Such a big girl!!!!

We got loads of good presents, loads of good food, and since my sister and brother-in-law got a Wii and brought it over to my parents house, we also got a good workout with the boxing game!

We have such fun families. Anja had a wonderful Christmas, I think. By the end of the day (we didn't get to open our gifts to each other until late last night) she was understanding the whole rip-the-paper concept, which was fun. She got a lot of very cute stuff.

I am VERY COLD right now, but I won't be for long... BECAUSE MY SISTER IN LAW GOT US A WIRELESS ROUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She actually got it for free from someone, and is giving it to us. All we need is to get a wireless card, and NO MORE ARCTIC BLOG POSTS!!!!!! I gave the router a big hug when I opened it. It was an amazing, wonderful thing. Turns out Martin was going to do it, but TusaRebecca called him and told him not to, since she had this extra one. YAY!!!

Okay, but we don't have all that goodness hooked up yet, so right now I'm still posting from Antarctica. I just heard Martin putting the tea kettle on, so here I go to join him. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas!!


Anne said...

I'm glad you had a good, if busy, Christmas!

Maryanne said...

It must have been "baby walking week," because Isabel started taking steps, too!