Monday, December 29, 2008

Camera Thoughts, Baby Thoughts

So, I thought I had lost my camera the other day, but lucky for me I only left it up at my parents' house on Christmas. So even if I had made the move to take any pictures over the last few days, I would've been out of luck anyway! Whenever I get it back I'll start taking pictures of Anja again in all her cute new clothes.

I've been thinking lately about this next baby and how weird it is that we're having another one and the differences that would come with having a boy vs. having a girl. Having another girl would definitely be more convenient... and having a boy kind of terrifies me since Anja is such a sweet little girl and Martin was such a demon of a little boy. Not that I'm hoping for one or the other... Mostly I THINK it's a boy. I'm MUCH more sure of this than I was in thinking Anja was a boy. I'm mostly more sure because of how ginormous I am at only 6 months. Yikes! Seriously, if I don't have this baby considerably early, I'll have to give birth at the Large Animal Hospital with all the delivering elephants. Plus, I seem to be carrying this baby differently, and in a much less attractive way than I carried Anja. None of my clothes fit well. I'm still wearing regular jeans (a few hundred sizes bigger than normal) but my maternity shirts just don't seem to fit right. And I can't really figure out what to do about it. Martin is begging me to go out and get myself some new maternity clothes. He says he doesn't understand how I can drop $5 on a bagel and coffee but then I hem and haw over a $5 maternity shirt that I'll wear for years to come. I didn't really have an answer for him, so I guess Anja and I will go out to Once Upon a Child this afternoon and look at their selection. Also, I'd like to have some brown pants. I'm getting kind of tired of blue jeans.
Anyway, the weird thing about having a second baby is that everything baby-related in our house belongs to Anja. Even her more boyish things are hers. I'm glad we're having these first two so close together so that our possessions more quickly become "baby things" instead of "Anja things." Still, it's difficult to think of a different little person using all of her little recieving blankets, wearing her green froggie jammies, and sleeping in her bassinet.

I think Anja and I are going out to Ivy Tech this afternoon for lunch with Martino! He is "working late" tonight. Ha! They consider 6:30 late at this new job. They tell them to come in late on the days they are asked to stay late but Martin has such a set routine in the morning that he just couldn't bring himself to do it, so he went in at his usual time. Because of this, he won't feel too bad taking a full hour lunch break with me and Anja Pie. Also, I'm taking him all the Christmas presents that he got to decorate his office.

My sweet tooth is talking to me. Actually, my whole mouth of sweet teeth are talking to me, and they're telling me to make some chocolate chip cookies. *Sigh* They are so demanding sometimes.


LauraSuz said...

When I was over last and we were talking about having boys and how boys scared you because of how rowdy they are, I didn't understand at the time. Since then, I've seen home videos and seen my brother bouncing off the walls, wrestling with Anne, and just a boy all around. I must have shown some concern in my facial expression b/c Crystal looks at me and says, "Still want a boy?" My gosh, he was non-stop!

Anne said...

I hear ya about those demanding teeth!!! :o)

Sarah said...

Boys are so fun!! And Christopher needs some boy cousins to beat on . . . I mean PLAY WITH.

Anonymous said...

My oldest is a girl and my second child is a boy. Though he is more rough and tumble than his sister, and likes to wrestle a lot, he was also a much less demanding baby. Less needy and more easily amused than his sister was. You never know what you're going to get!

Elisabeth said...

the large animal hospital comment cracked me up!!! too funny!!!