Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Quick Afternoon Post

Yikes! I'm in the middle of a project that reeeaallly needs to get finished, but the dog won't stop barking and Anja is asleep, so I'm in here with the dog to calm her down for a few minutes.

Monday was a really long, rough day. Anja hadn't slept well at night, and then decided to not nap well either. I was in the middle of this crazy project I'm doing (gift for Martin, so I can't say anything specific) and everything was going wrong and nothing was getting done and Anja was a huge crab. Finally I went home in the afternoon to finally get her to sleep (I've been working on this project up at my mom's house with her sewing machine) and I called Martin and told him what a rotten day it had been. I hadn't wanted him to know I was making him anything, but I had to tell him so I could tell him about my bad day. I picked him up from Ivy Tech at 5:00 and drove him over to the bookstore, but Anja really wanted to see him, so he got her out of the car and snuggled her for about a minute. When he put her back in her seat, she screamed like she's never screamed before, and didn't cheer up much for the rest of the evening. I tried putting her to bed at 7:00 but she didn't take it, and at 8:00 we picked Martin up from UBS. He opened the drivers side door and said, "Park the car! I'm taking you for a chai." And I was glad I'd put Anja in her cutest pajamas because we walked down to Vienna and each got a chai and snagged a couch to hang out on for a little bit before going home to bed. It was a perfect good ending to a rotten day!

Yesterday was a better day, all-around more productive, Anja was *slightly* less grumpy, and it was snowing so I couldn't be too upset. The roads were terrible! Martin didn't want me to drive out to pick him up, so he rode the bus home and called into UBS to say he wouldn't be there. I made pasta for dinner, Anja went down easily at 8:00, then we made real hot cocoa on the stove and sat in our cozy living room with just the Christmas lights and a few candles lit. It was so cozy and warm!

Today is an even better day, as far as productivity and Anja's mood. Anja woke up super happy, we had a lovely morning, and I've gotten a lot done on my project. Hooray! The only bad thing so far today is that Martin forgot his lunch and now that Anja's asleep I can't take it to him.

One of Anja's favorite things to do lately is to try to put things up her nose. Luckily, nothing so far has fit. We are hoping that she grows out of the habit before her nostrils grow big enough to be a danger to her.

Back to work! Hope everyone is enjoying this last week of Advent!

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Anna said...

uh oh, don't let her get together with Zita. . . .