Saturday, December 20, 2008

Changes, Changes

One thing that's changed about me since becoming a parent is that I now find myself regularly laughing at wet-my-pants levels at THE STUPIDEST THINGS. I mean, I don't really think they are stupid--obviously, I think they're wonderful--but to normal people who are not a parent to Anja, these things that I find so hilarious are just ridiculous. And another thing that makes me a parent is that even though I know sharing these stories is much like sharing your dreams with people--NOBODY CARES--I find myself telling everyone these really dumb things that are sooooo much you-had-to-be-there situations. For instance, I'm going to share with you now the funniest thing that happened tonight, even though nobody reading this will think it is the slightest bit funny.

Anja has this little toddler-sized wooden rocker in her room. She's never paid much attention to it before, but tonight while I was putting away some clean clothes in there, I turned around and found that she'd gotten into it and was just sitting there with a very pleasant smile on her face. She was so pleased with herself for having gotten into that chair by herself! That alone was enough to make me chuckle. But then she started being really funny... she kept turning around in the chair, sitting in different positions, holding it for a second, then moving--all with this funny little smile on her face. Finally, she decided (for some weird reason) that she really wanted to have the diaper bag in the chair with her. So she struggled and struggled to get the diaper bag from the floor to her chair with her, and then she wanted to take everything OUT of the diaper bag and hold it while it was empty, but this little chair just isn't big enough for a baby AND a diaper bag, so she kept almost falling out of the chair. Then she'd get out, put the diaper bag on the chair and try to get back in. It never worked! And that was the part where I really lost it because the whole time she was trying to get into the chair with the bag already there, she had this ripped out magazine page stuck to the bottom of her foot! So every few seconds she'd kind of do this leg kick and try to shake the page off, but it wouldn't fall off, and she'd try again to get in the chair, then try to shake the page off, try to get in, shake, try, etc. IT WAS HYSTERICAL. I seriously thought I was going to hyperventilate from laughing so hard.

And that's when I realized that this would not be funny to anyone else. Ever.

Martin and I are really bad at Christmas shopping. We always end up doing it all on Christmas Eve. This year we've got a few things done, but not all that much. Some people we don't even have ideas for yet! Today Martino worked at the Bookstore. We all got up and had a nice morning together, then he walked over to work and Anja and I continued in our morning. While she was napping, TusaRebecca came over and we just hung out and worked on Christmas presents together. My sister stopped by as well with ANOTHER BAG FULL of ADORABLE clothes for Anja... the really horrible thing about receiving all these cute clothes is the choices I'm faced with every morning when I get her dressed!!!!!!! AAAAHHH!!!! TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!! (I've decided that from now until Christmas she will wear a fancy Christmas dress every day. This is the only way I will feel satisfied, having all these wonderful Christmas dresses and only one Christmas Day.) Anyway, we traded goods and then I gave Anja lunch and she and I headed over to campus to meet up with Martino for his lunch break. The funny thing about him working Saturdays is that my day at home seems so hectic, and then I meet him out for lunch at some ridiculously late time (today it was 3:00-4:00) and by that time it's almost time for him to come home! I packed sandwiches and we ate them at the Union. Then we walked down to Vienna (where I'd parked) and got drinks and talked and laughed about how cute Anja is. Our friend Turgay was there and he likes Anja.

From there, Anja and I went out to Once Upon a Child. I was really looking for some cute tights for her to wear for Christmas (her white tights have turned to a permanent grey) and I did get some (moderately cute, nothing special) but I also was able to do some Christmas shopping. How is it that I've never realized they sell NEW Melissa & Doug toys at a discount price?!?!? Jackpot!! I was able to get the same gift for our nephew Aurelio that we were set to order at about half the price! I also got Anja a ring stacking toy and a chunky animal puzzle, as well as a very cute sweater and hat set and a very cute jumper. All at fabulous prices. I was going to also get her a pair of shoes, but I decided against them at the last minute. For some reason I have a hard time paying the same price for a pair of shoes that I pay for a dress. I don't know why... she wears her shoes every day. Is it because the shoes seem so tiny? I just don't know.

Anyway, tomorrow is a Christmas get-together with my extended Qualio side of the family. I hope I'm not supposed to take anything, because I'm planning to go empty handed.

But! I'm going to attempt making Challah Bread for the first time ever to take to our Christmasses! That could be a disaster!


Maryanne said...

Actually, I thought the whole Anja, diaper bag, rocking chair story was pretty funny! I love watching/laughing at my own kids silliness that would probably not be so interesting to anyone else!

Sarah said...

Oh. my. gosh. She is SOOOO cute. How do you not die looking at her??? I love the box picture. And the chair thing is hilarious. She is so goofy!

Anonymous said...

I laughed just reading the story....I would probably have died to see it in person. Isn't it amazing how much fun it is to have children??

Lisa said...

Okay, Annie, I laughed completely out loud picturing her shaking her foot trying to get the magazine remnant off. Kind of like cats do when they walk in snow!! Hope you have a great Christmas!!