Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Sat on Me

For the Christmas/Book Rush season until some time unknown, Martin is back working at University Book Store some nights and Saturdays. This sounds like it would be tough, and might turn out to be, but really it's a pretty sweet deal. He's worked there off and on for 7 years so it's not like he's a stranger to the place--he can just jump in randomly and bring home a stress-free paycheck. Also, it's no inconvenience to either of us regarding transportation because it's just a quick walk up to campus from our house. It has a chance of getting tricky on some weekdays if Anja is taking a late nap and he needs to be picked up from Ivy Tech to get to UBS on time... but whatever, I'm sure nothing majorly inconvenient will happen. Anyway, today was his first Saturday back on the job and while I had a slightly difficult morning (only because I tried to do too much in a short amount of time) my afternoon was delightful! Not that I relish weekend time (or any time) spent away from my hubby-wubby, but I have to say I had a really nice afternoon. Anja and I went over to campus and met up with Martin for lunch at 1:00 (which included a visit to the other bookstore employees who like to coo over Anja) which was a nice break to the day. From there Anja and I went out to Target (an absolute madhouse) to buy a humidifier. We all seem to be feeling slightly under the weather these days and just can't kick it. Martin and I both have been waking up with sore throats almost every morning and Anja has been sleeping HORRIBLY at night... this is our attempt at a solution to both those problems. We'll see how it works! Anyway, as soon as we got home at 3:00, Anja went right down for a 2-hour nap. During that time I made myself a cup of tea, snuggled up on the couch with my cat and read my book. About an hour later my neighbor Tara called asking if she could pop some rolls in my oven, so she and a friend of hers came by and though they only stayed for about twenty minutes, it was really nice to visit with them! They left, I went back to my book, and Anja woke up right before 5:00. I offered to come get Martin so we could do a little Christmas shopping at Von's, then we came home and ate grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

I've been spending an unfortunate amount of time at the Mall lately. I keep thinking of things, going to look for them, not finding them, and trying again for something else the next day. Blech. Yesterday I realized I still had enough money in my Martin budget to buy him a hat I had seen someplace a few days before. I was SURE I'd seen it at Macy's, so I parked right outside the men's department to run in and get it. Well. Not only did I not park outside the men's department, but outside of Housewares, but the hat hadn't been at Macy's at all! And now I have no idea where I saw it, because I went to every store I'd visited on my previous trip(s) and never found it!!! Talk about annoying! AND I hadn't bothered to bring the umbroller with me because I thought I was just going to dash in and out again. Ha! So I was lugging Anja back and forth through the Mall... Anja, who is getting rather uncomfortable to lug as of late, since this other baby is slowly taking over all my lap space... by the time I finally gave up and went back to the car (this time I went out the Men's Dept. door, looked for the car for awhile and finally remembered I hadn't parked there in the first place) it was 5:00. I'd texted Martin offering to stick around and drive him home, but he hadn't gotten back to me. I called him then and he didn't answer, so I just drove over to Ivy Tech. I looked for him at the bus stop and he wasn't there, so I drove around the parking lot for a bit and finally parked and decided at about ten after that either he was still with someone in his office, or he had his phone in his coat pocket and wasn't feeling it ring. I thought it'd be pretty annoying if I waited for him in the parking lot to call me back, only to find that he'd been on the bus the whole time and was at home without me, but if I left and he was really still in his office, he'd have to wait awhile for another bus and he'd be home that much later. So I just went up to his office--where he was still working with someone in his office--and waited for him. When he was finally done, Anja was REALLY hungry and grumpy so we all went over to Barnes & Noble for a little Friday Evening Family Date. It was nice! It was cozy! And we got Anja some books for Christmas!

Tomororw is Sunday and my sister is having a 3rd-Sunday-of-Advent party. We will be there, and the only problem is deciding which cute Christmas dress to have Anja wear.

Speaking of cute clothes.... The other day my sister gave me about THREE BOXES of baby girl clothes, all sized 12-18 months. This is Anja's current size. Included in the clothes were the most adorable pair of red shoes I've ever seen, size four--Anja's current shoe size. This morning I tried putting her in MULTIPLE OUTFITS from this collection, including the shoes, and I couldn't get anything on her!!!!!!!! The Most Adorable Sweater in the World wouldn't go over her ginormous head, and The Cutest Jumper in the Universe wouldn't fit her fat torso. I couldn't even get both arms through the arm holes. And the shoes!! The shoes wouldn't go on, let alone buckle! Her FEET are too fat!!!!!!!

I was so bummed. REALLY bummed. With some work, she pulled off a pretty cute outfit, but it was definitely not my first choice. *sigh* Tomorrow is Sunday so she'll wear one of the pretty dresses.... and those are sure to fit.

Martin's turn to blog!


Sarah said...

What a tubbo!!! You'll just have to have another girl so that she can wear the cute clothes. Which means you'll have to get preggo again, because I am convinced you are having a boy this time.

Did the jumper that matches the shoes fit??

Did you call it a "Third-Sunday-in-Advent party" because you couldn't spell Gaudette?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, Sarah!! It's GAUDETE!!
Neither one of you can spell!

Annie said...

That is EXACTLY why I called it that.

I'm also convinced I'm having a boy. I'm much more convinced of this one than I was of Anja... who I also thought was going to be a boy. Hmm...