Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away... Bring Me Back the Snowy Day!

Booooooo for December rain. It makes me feel blah, blah, and more BLAH.

This morning while I was shaving my legs in the shower, Anja fell in! Yikes! This is not the first time she's fallen into the bathtub. She likes to toss all her toys into the tub and if I don't retrieve them fast enough, she tries to to get them back herself. Today, I was just a bit too slow to keep her from tumbling in. The worst part was that I had my razor in my hand and thought I had cut her head when I went to pick her up. Luckily, I hadn't, and she didn't really care that she'd fallen in--she thought it was pretty funny that she was in the shower with me and really wanted to get under the water stream. I put her down outside the tub and she immediately went back to tossing all of her toys in with me. So she came out perfectly fine--but very wet!

Last night I made scones for a breakfast meeting Martin had at work this morning. This is a big step for us. He ALWAYS forgets to tell me when he's supposed to take something to work. I didn't get them made yesterday afternoon like I'd planned, so after Anja went to bed I worked on those while Martin walked over to Great Clips for a haircut. When he came home he brought with him two coffees and a "Muffie" from Panera! Now, I had never experienced a "Muffie" before. It's the top of a muffin served like a cookie!!! It was delicious!!! And so fun to eat because of its funny name.

Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep on Anja's bedroom floor while she was playing. Whoops. My cousin once told me that she can't sit down on the couch during the day because she knows she'll just fall asleep. She has four kids. I've only got one!! Most days I think having two babies will be pretty fun, but sometimes I sort of wonder how I'll function. Anyway, when I woke up (to Martin sending me a text message asking if I was picking him up from work) Anja and I went out to Ivy Tech to pick him up. I debated getting a cup of coffee on the way or just showing up early--I decided to show up early. He introduced us to everyone at his new office! Most people upon greeting said, "You're Sarah's sister, right?" Hahahaha! Better than people thinking I AM Sarah! (I'm pretty sure Fr. Tim made that little slip-up the other day... he said something to me that made very little sense--unless I had been Sarah.) Everyone seems very nice and one of the girls he works with is having a baby the same time we are. Martin's office is very stark and emotionally cold, but Christmas is coming and he'd like some pictures and a nice desk lamp and floor lamp. I also intend to get him some of those inspirational garden rocks, and maybe a hermit crab as well.

I am really thankful these days for a number of things. One of those things is that Martin is working in Lafayette (I don't know when the gratefulness of this will wear off... probably never.) Another thing is that Anja is actually sleeping. She isn't so much sleeping for extended periods of time so much as she is sleeping for PREDICTABLE periods of time. For example, today she went down for her nap at her usual 11:00 and I don't expect her up until 1:00. That means I can count on having another half hour of nap time when I finish this post in a second. It's nice to be able to plan a little bit!

I think the dog needs to go out.


Maryanne said...

Okay, I really am not a huge fan of snow, but rain in December just does not seem right to me either.

I am glad that Anja is okay after her dive into the tub. That so reminded me of Isabel, though, because she LOVES the tub and has toppled over into it also! Silly babies!

Anne said...

Muffies are good!!