Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad Hair Life

First of all, I need some womanly advice. My hair is seriously bad. Broken ends, two different lengths (thanks to that annoying thing that happens when your hair thickens up, then over-thins out, then gets back to normal again, which happens when you have a baby. Boo.), bad, bad, bad. I am in urgent need of some conditioning. This is where you come in: advise me! I need something not too expensive, preferably something "natural"-ish, that has a decent smell and does not include "tea tree" or "eucalyptus" in the description. All comments welcome! Thanks!

Now, on to our Yesterday. When Martin took his vacation off his work calendar, he kept Tuesday as a vacation day with the intention of getting lots of yard work done. Har. har. har. In the morning we walked up to Great Harvest for breakfast. (My idea.) Anja walked THE ENTIRE WAY HOME, which is about a mile, pushing the wagon. Impressive! Next, my mom came over to watch the girls while Martin and I went to the range (my idea) and to Lindy Freeze (his idea.) Pictures:

Ignore my smooshed eye, and the fact that I think people who take pictures of themselves are incredibly dorky. But we were the only ones there the whole time and I don't know how to use the automatic timer on my camera.

And here is Martin, scratching his arm. Nice picture. So, anyway, that was fun and now I'm "trained" to deal with Bad Guys with Glockie. And any sort of date that ends with floats from the Lindy Freeze is a good time in my book.

Then we went to Lowe's where we spent an enormous amount of time selecting flowers for the outside of our house. Oh. My. Gosh. Buying flowers is soooooooo much more confusing and complicated than it needs to be. I mean, REALLY. I go in wanting some pansies and impatiens and as soon as I walk into the Garden Center, my head is spinning with all the different options. And everything is mislabeled too, which is more than slightly annoying. In the end, I kind of took a wild guess and ended up spending $30 and getting EXACTLY the amount I needed. Then as I was outside on the porch potting all of my flowers my mom called me and said she'd gotten too many impatiens and was bringing some over. Fantastic! So now I have six hanging baskets (three pansies, three impatiens), two pots of impatiens on my front porch steps (I think they are cute and not TOO hazardous) and a small pot of impatiens on the patio table AS WELL AS geraniums, pansies, and some kind of furry, ornamental green thing in the huge planter on the side of one of our mulchy square thingies. (Do you think I should work on my descriptions a little bit to make them a little more coherent? Or maybe stop making blog posts at 10:00 at night when I'd rather be sleeping AND while Martin is standing next to me jabbering away about something about t-shirts? Okay, I'm kidding about the Martin thing... he's actually standing next to me washing dishes and he doesn't think I'm listening to him anyway.)
So anyway, our house is florally outfitted. And I am very happy with it all.
And that was our day off! Don't forget to give me conditioner suggestions!


Martin Schap said...

Annie hit the bullseye almost every time, and her misses were still center mass on a man size target. She didn't brag on herself enough.

AnnLaura said...

Get the Burt's Bees super-duper heavy duty avocado-something treatment. It's one of those that you just use every so often. I love it.

Annie said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that Martin and I have agreed to start naming all our future children after word verifications. Our first son will be Fluejo Arkabl!

AnnLaura said...

punch buggy or something because we posted at the same time

Sarah said...

Your word verification names might be cool, but not nearly as cool as my son, GyoFugikawa.

I use some "ORrganix" Shea Butter avacado thingy on my hair. It was on sale once, so I bought a few -- I like it, but I think it might be pricey when it isn't marked down to 99 cents.

(Your child will be "Chetrou")

嘉容嘉容 said...
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Annie said...

Sarah, Martin counted the letters of Fluejo's name just to be sure you wouldn't steal it. But lucky us--it's 12!

Anonymous said...

I have very very dry hair and I actually also had a stylist that fried my hair one time. I use this every day and it is fantastic. There is also a leave in conditoner you can use when you are styling that is fantastic as well.

LauraSuz said...

Whenever I need a good conditioning I use AUSSIE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE DEEEEEP CONDITIONER. I've never looked at the label to see if it's all natural but it works great and smells amazing.

Clare said...

Oooh. I have heard women have better aim than men... from Nick. He is usually right... just ask him! LOL.

Anyhow, I put coconut oil in my hair an hour before I wash it (ok, usually it is only 15 minutes before) I just don't use any near the scalp. Then I wash and rinse with shampoo (or baking soda) and condition with (gross, I know) cider vinegar! My hair has never been nicer. Sometimes I throw a little conditioner in at the end to leave a nice smell... because all that stuff really doesn't smell once your hair dries. We use some grapefruit cheap conditioner from Whole Foods. It doesn't condition THAT well.

Hope that helps a little.