Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Mousing!

This was my four o'clock hour today:

Look at this! Both girls asleep! Amazing! For the short time that this lasted, I sat on the porch swing and wrote a letter to a friend. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day. The girls and I walked to the post office right after lunch and that was really nice. It feels so good to get outside on sunny days after a long, long winter... and in general. I kind of don't know how regular office working people can stand it.
To welcome April and the Spring weather, (there are buds and blossoms on all the trees!!! At last!!!) a mouse has come to visit us. Apparently he feels quite at home here in our kitchen vent. Theodore sits there and stares and listens. I got down on the floor yesterday (before we knew what kind of critter we had gotten as a roommate) and heard him rustling around in there... and I smelled him. Mmm.... our vent smells like a hamster cage. Then tonight it was confirmed that, no, it's not a cute baby possum as I'd hoped for, but a little mouse who has been leaving "presents" for us in our utensil drawer and eating things like cork bottle stoppers. Arg. Why do otherwise harmless things have to be destructive? And poop on your kitchen tools?
Speaking of kitchen tools.... Anja and Greta recieved a package from their Aunt AnnLaura today which contained four tiny pink kitchen towels with cute embellishments on them. ADORABLE. And with a quickly expiring visa giftcard from Grandmamma, we went out last night and bought a little more cut-able wooden food. This set included a nice sized loaf of bread . Now, I had given Anja some of my old bread pans when we first got the kitchen, and she never played with them. But today she started baking her loaf! And she does it just like Mama (because I showed her) and puts her little towel over the top of the pan. Aaawwwww. That kitchen is going to end up being the best purchase we have ever made in our entire lives. And I LOVE how our families are so into it too. How my sister gave the girls the wooden pizza and cake sets and my mom has made them felt food, etc. Love it!
I have some good, postable pictures that are quickly becoming outdated. I'll have to make a whole picture post soon.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of Anja looks like a baby angel sleeping on a cloud.
XX Mama