Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter: Part Two.... and some other stuff

We had a really delightful Easter. The longer we are married, the better the holidays get. Much more laid back, much more child-focused. We ate lamb at my parents' house (yum!) and grilled steaks here at our house (yum!) and it was such a beautiful day, the girls were able to play outside all day long. We ate outside with Martin's family in our somewhat scummy backyard that will hopefully become beautiful once all threats of freeze and frost are gone for good. Hopefully not too long! I am itching to start planting veggies and flowers.
Why don't my kids ever look at the camera?!
I would like to say how my heart is going pitter-patter right now, as I've just put a batch of bread out for its first rising, which means I'm done needing Anja's "help". So she went straight over to her own little play kitchen and now is baking her own bread there. Love it!! She changed aprons and everything!
We went for a windy walk this morning and it was the best walk I've gotten with the girls this year so far. Usually Greta freaks out before too long, but this time we went kind of a long way, and she never even fussed! When we got home she went straight down for a nap very happily. A nice start to the morning! I think, believe it or not, that she is STILL TEETHING. She just gnaws on her fingers constantly and unless she's distracted, she fusses and fusses. She's not been sleeping well AT ALL lately. On the one hand, it's great--we'll get all the teeth in in one go and be done with it. But at the same time, this has been going on for WEEKS, and we could all use a break from Greta the Grouch.
Yesterday Anja got out her tea party stuff and set it up on this box. I provided the tablecloth, and eventually provided A LOT of towels. Theodore showed up for the party, though he wasn't invited and wasn't very warmly welcomed either. It's funny that sometimes Anja seems to find the cat a lot more annoying than her baby sister. Poor Theodore.
From the tea party to the idea to go outside and play, Anja improved her outfit a little bit by adding this woodland hat, these argyle knee socks, and of course, her purple shoes. Then she carried her Easter basket around the yard with her and did a little gardening. More pictures of all that on Facebook.

Martin works until 6:30 on Monday, which means he doesn't get home until AFTER 6:30 (obviously) and usually he doesn't leave the office until about quarter till 7. So I don't know what my brain was thinking last night when he got home and instead of saying "let's have dinner and get the girls to bed" I said, "Let's go for a walk!" So we loaded the girls into the wagon and took a family walk up 9th street hill. It was very, very fun, and the girls were very, very tired by the time we got home! Anja threw a little bit of a fit, so we decided on a family drive, which was excellent, and both girls fell asleep and Martin and I had our nice coffees.
Greta LOVES the wagon. And Anja insisted on pulling the wagon herself for most of the time.


LauraSuz said...

Cute stuff! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Annie, I just laughed out loud at Anja's outfit. That's great.