Tuesday, April 27, 2010

O, the Knees of my Jeans

Motherhood is taking a real toll on my blue jeans. In one weekend I blew out the weak knees of two pair of jeans and another one is about to go. My supply is dwindling. But today at the petting zoo, I realized that I do a lot more scooting around on my knees in gravel and on concrete than, say, office workers do. Yes, we went to the petting zoo today. It was really cold and really windy. Also, we went too close to G's naptime and so the event ended with a meltdown. But... it was still worth it, I think. More on that tomorrow.
More also tomorrow on the project I started today and will hopefully complete tomorrow sometimes... a little felt picture book. It's turned out so much better than I was expecting that I'm actually really proud of my work.
But for now, it's bedtime. I just had to post the picture of Greta with Easter Egg Nose.


Anne said...

I'm so glad you did! Too cute!

Joannie said...

love the easter egg nose!

how many office workers get to wear jeans? : )

Annie said...