Friday, April 9, 2010

Teething in Princess Tents

I'm sorry for the picture overload today... I had a hard time deciding which ones to post, so I am just posting them all. This is from the day Anja found and opened the new box of Annie's Cheesy Bunnies. These two were so proud of themselves!
And did you know that Greta loves to eat?

Yesterday we got a visit from our friend, Mrs. Watson, who is Joannie and Jill's mom. She was coming over to return a cake pan and bring by some chai mix that Joannie got for me but had forgotten to bring over when she came. By the time she got to my house though, she had decided to bring us a bag of frozen chicken nuggets, a box of frozen chicken fingers, a bag of the yummiest oranges I've ever had, and a Disney Princesses tent. The girls love it all! This is Greta enjoying a nugget. I think they might have drugs hidden inside or something though... She's looking a little crazed.

And here they are, eating the oranges in their tent! The top is open and Anja likes to be inserted through the roof, by me. Over and over again. Haha! However, she also likes to have piles of books delivered to the tent door (also by me) and she will sit in there for very long times looking through her books and talking to herself. It's very cute.

As you can see, Anja has really been enjoying the oranges. She calls them "O-em" and asks for them all the time.

And other than receiving gifts from friends we've been spending a lot of time in our yard and on short walks. With the exception of the past two days when winter returned, we've been playing outside every day, which is a fabulous difference from last spring when Greta was a very newly born baby. This is Anja's Nature Bowl. She wants one that's pink and felted but this is what she gets for now. In it you will notice some rocks, a pinecone, leaves, sweetgum spikey thing, some milkweed seeds and lots and lots of dandelions. My oh my, how this girl loves dandelions!

And in order to better do her collecting while we're out, I made her this bag:

It's the "Hobo Sack" tutorial from MADE, and it's really easy. Of course, mine doesn't look nearly as good, nor as cute, as the ones that the tutorial comes from... but whatever. It'll do the job. Right now it's holding a book, some woodland folk, some gnomes, an orange, and--you guessed it--LOTS of dandelions!!

And other than all this, I have calculated that Greta has been teething SINCE CHRISTMAS. Yikes. Looking back, I think Anja was only a couple of months older than this when she got her molars (which was, by far, the worst experience of MY life) so I'm wondering if that is what's made this week so particularly awful. No sleep. Lots of whining/crying. Many, many instances of walking around with her face squished up, sort of half-crying, and her eyes so squinty that she can't see where she's going so she falls down and then really starts wailing.... *sigh* Also lots of chewing on her hands and biting other people. Do you want to hear about last night?

Okay, I'll tell you. So last night Greta was mostly awake until 1:00 when I finally decided to drive her. I got home at 2:00. She woke up before I'd even closed my eyes. I thought I'd do some walking around downstairs with her and I left the room not knowing that Anja was awake and watching me--oops! As soon as I left the room Anja flipped out. ...which of course, woke Greta up the rest of the way. And Martin too. So then we were all up, Anja's hysterical, Greta's just fussy and tired, and the only way we can get anyone to calm down or go to sleep is to go for a family drive at 2:00 in the morning. So we go. We got home around 3:00, Greta was asleep, Anja still awake.... not a big deal, except she didn't want to go back to bed. Finally, we convinced her that we'd all pretend to be puppies and cuddle up in bed together. That made her happy. Before going up I BEGGED her to go potty... no go. She insisted she didn't have to. So, we went to bed. ...Half an hour later, Anja wakes me up needing to go potty. So we go downstairs, go potty (which includes completely undressing, since she's in zipup PJs, and also includes going through all the choices of diaper cream/powder, application of chosen product, then putting the diaper back on, and dressing) then go back up to be puppies, but she's decided that's no good anymore. It takes awhile, but I finally work it out of her that she doesn't want to be puppies anymore, she wants to be cats. Well. Cats it is. And then the alarm went off way too soon.

*Going through this post right before I'm publishing it, I realize that almost every picture is of my children eating. Does that seem a little bit gross to anyone else?


Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

OMGosh! You should get animal halloween costumes at Goodwill and give them to her for bedtime jammies! I used to do that with kids I babysat in Muncie! That is so cute!! Just be careful if you get a cow.. The udder always gets in the way. LOL

Annie said...

What an excellent idea! It's not like she actually wears pajamas to bed anyway.... she always wears one of her weird, self-chosen outfits. I'm SURE she would adore an animal costume that she was encouraged to wear to bed!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the girls like the princess tent and the nuggets. And I loved your thank you note. Your stationery is very cute! You young girls are very creative!

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