Saturday, April 3, 2010

Working... Working...

Tomorrow is Easter! One of my very favorite holidays. I will have definitely have an after-Easter post about the grass baskets, the kitchen accessories, and the egg hunt with my adorable little daughters who will be wearing adorable matching dresses and adorable matching shoes. Hooray!

For now, let's just say that I am ready to be done with thrift stores. They are getting SO EXPENSIVE! I spent $15 at Goodwill today and I barely got anything. Isn't that RIDICULOUS?!?!?! It made me so angry! In fact, I saw something there on the shelves with an old garage sale-ish price tag reading "25 cents" and Goodwill was charging 99 cents!!!!!!! That's TERRIBLE!!!

I am embroidering my very last felted egg, have dug up many tufts of grass, in the dark, with a flashlight holder who is much more interested in hunting for possums than shining light on the grass where I'm digging (ahem, Martin), and now have to gussy up the table and and do some major cleaning because I was informed today that a very nice person, but a non-family member, is going to be joining us. Yikes! That means I have to try to make my house not smell like an animal shelter and look like an abandoned storage unit!!! Eeeek! Oh, speaking of really awesome cleaning mistakes.... today I spilled some green food coloring on the counter and what did I use as my cleaner of choice? VINEGAR. How stupid am I?!? And not just at any time of the year either, at EASTER, the day after Martin and I were just talking about how we tried to dye eggs one year and it didn't really work because we'd forgotten the vinegar. UGH. Needless to say, I have a pretty big green splotch on my [horrible, white] countertop now.

Back to work!


Clare said...

Happy Easter Annie, Martin, Anja and Greta! Hope you get some pictures of those baskets! I went and gathered moss for ours last night... but it was really muddy on the bottom... and I could see it getting EVERYWHERE, so I made a centerpiece on the table, and went with the shredded paper. :) I am curious how the grass worked out!

Annie said...

Happy Easter to the Marmalejos!!!! The grass looked GREAT in all the baskets except mine. Mine was the most shallow and I saved it for last.... so while everyone else had fresh, green, lush grass that stuck straight up, mine looked like a basket full of dirty weeds. LOL! I hope you are getting lots of pictures today of your girls in their adorable dresses!