Friday, April 23, 2010

In the Morning

This is just a quick post to say that even though I am fully aware of how un-creative I am (meaning every idea I have has already been done by seven thousand other people before me) it's still kind of aggravating when I realize it. Like today when I was reading "Homemade by Jill" and she made her son a play kitchen and then was talking about all the stuff she's going to do to decorate the area.... like a garland above the sink and a little framed picture and an apron, etc. OF COURSE everybody does those things! Because they are cute! But still.... it's just one of those times you want to shout, "I thought of it on my own!!" even though it doesn't matter.

I made a dress for Greta the other day and am just sewing on the buttons (a project that sounds a lot easier than it is because I can't seem to get an uninterrupted minute to actually DO it) and I *think* it's going to turn out cute if I can get it on her. Luckily, she's a lot better about wearing the clothes I make than Anja is. However, I did have a moment of mommy pride the other day when Anja wanted to wear only the underwear that I'd embroidered a flower on and wouldn't wear any at all until I had dug that pair out of the washer and dried it for her. She was very pleased. Also, her favorite outfit is that crazy skirt I made for her, worn with a green shirt and Petie's sweatshirt with the dog on front. So that's nice.... and I try to ignore the fact that she has multiple mama-made dresses in her closet that she's never worn once. Well... maybe they'll be for Greta.

We had a dinner party last night with our neighbors--grilled venison burgers and tomato basil pasta salad. I think the evening was a success and our neighbors are so nice! No pictures, because I'm a loser. But the girls both got late afternoon naps so they were cheerful the entire time!

thanks for all the conditioning tips!

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Clare said...

If it makes you feel better... I never really thought of adding garland or pictures to our kitchen. I was just happy to trade our ginormous plastic one in for a tiny wooden one. And make potholders, which I haven't made and may never make because my girls don't play with their kitchen that much... or their dolls. :)