Saturday, April 24, 2010

Makings and Findings!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have two Gretas..... Ok, I know that this is picture overload for this dress and that none of the pictures are any good, but this is the general idea of what this wrap dress looks like. It was SO EASY to make. And now I know that the pattern I cut was Greta sized, which will make it easy to make one for Anja. The best part about this dress is that it's reversable, but I didn't get any pictures of the other side (ladybugs!) because it was hard enough getting this bad ones!

Are you noticing how the things that live on the counter are all slowly disppearing as the pictures progress? Hahaha..
The buttons look uneven and they might be a little bit, but I don't think they're as bad as they look in the pictures. I got the pair for 40 cents from Jan's antiques, where I also picked up a nice little pocketknife for Martin for $2 and a big bag of buttons, originally marked $6 for only one dollar! (Seriously. SIX DOLLARS for buttons? This is why I avoid antique stores.) They had a big table of stuff and everything was a dollar. I would've gone to town and definitely gone over my budget, had Greta not saved me by being fussy.
And then there was today. Ooooooooh myyyyyyyy goooooosssshhhhhhh. I'm kind of surprised I'm not lying dead in the lawn out at Sarah's Oaks just from sight of my find. It was a "barn sale" out there, multi-family, with TONS of antiques. Some in good condition, some in poor condition. Tons of stuff. Awesome prices. The great find of the day? A HUGE blue trunk (I mean a thigh-high trunk) for only $7. SEVEN DOLLARS. Something like that in an antique shop would be at least a hundred bucks. Score! And it's not just that it's a good deal, it's that I'm going to put all of my fabric in it, which would be cool by itself, but it's really fabulous when you think of how that will literally free up an entire closet for better uses. !!!!!! I am super excited about this.
Along with the trunk there were other great finds.... a pretty, vintage full slip for a little girl (I think it's Anja sized, but it might be small enough for Greta) a vintage handmade dress (same deal in sizing) a pretty floral scarf for me, and a few big pieces of muslin-like fabric that would be great for all sorts of projects. I don't know if they are curtain panels or what, but they are great and only a dollar a piece. I didn't realize how big they were, or I would've gotten more.... like the whole pile.
And then, because the girls were so incredibly amazing during all this (even Greta, who must've wanted to kill me for dragging her out in the rain to a yard sale during her naptime) I got them each a baby doll. I didn't tell them that the dolls they chose are so ugly they kind of scare me... I just let Anja choose one for each of them, as a little treat. And since they were each a quarter, it didn't break the bank.
So yeah! Hopefully this will be the Saturday morning tradition around here (Ma Schap and I drop Martin at the range, we go to yard sales until it's time to pick him up, the end.) I am VERY pleased with my day and VERY excited to stock my trunk full of fabric. It also has one of those trays that sits in the top. Obviously designed for things like ribbon, buttons and spools of thread. Of course.
Maybe pictures tomorrow. Today we were too busy playing in the rain to find the camera!


LauraSuz said...

All I ask is where was my text about this amazing sale?!

Anonymous said...

Two Gretas would be double wonderfulness!

Annie: How could you not tell me about this sale?? I am so sad to have missed it!

Anne said...

LOVE that dress. I'd take tons of pictures, too!! It's just too cute!

Totally jealous about your sale. I'm not sure I'm going to get to do any garage sales this year. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Annie, I made that dress for Jen, some 32 years ago! I loved that pattern.