Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter: Part One

Happy Easter to all! Here is a photo documentation of our holiday so far. Last night we set out cheese and carrots for the Easter Bunny, alongside a basket of empty eggs to be filled and hidden in the yard. (I have no problem with imaginary characters such as the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. What I have a serious problem with is REMEMBERING them... so Anja saw me buy all of our Easter candy and helped me make Martin's gift. So we had to tweak old E.B.'s job a little description a little bit... we left all the supplies out for him and he set it all up in a fun way to find it in the morning. Except for a couple of little gifties they didn't know about.)
Three of the Easter baskets turned out looking like this. I found some pretty good tufts to dig up in the dark!

But this is MY basket. A basket of floppy, wilty, and old dead weeds.

The setup for the morning. I hung up the girls dresses with their baskets and shoes because Anja was so excited to wear it all. She'd been asking ALL WEEK to wear her white shoes, and she knew that today was the day! So, this setup makes it look like a much bigger production than it actually was.

This is what I gave Martin.

Look at these cute little gnomies and how they fit so nicely into the felted eggs! Each girl got three.

The Easter Bunny left Anja and Greta a letter on the plate where we had left the carrots and cheese!

Can you say SUGAR HIGH!?

And this one is completely drunk on chocolate!

Egg hunt in the yard. Anja was SO EXCITED. Some of the eggs had mini chocolate bars, some had little felt flowers. She loved the flowers best! Mmmmm... it warms my heart!

Greta was a good participant in The Hunt.

All of the gnomies in their eggs!! Martin ordered these when he got their play kitchen and I'm SO GLAD he did. They are wonderful!! And they are such perfect church toys---Anja took them all to church with her in a tiny little basket and they were the perfect church companions.

In a little bit we'll head up to my parents house for good food, then come back here later in the afternoon for the Schap side celebration and even MORE good food...... aaaaaahhh, I am getting full just thinking about it all!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! Annie, you and Martin are such good parents! I'm proud of you! Glad to see the old EB still writes a note on the plate with the treats, just like he did when he came hippity hopping to our house. I trust Santa does the same.
Happy Easter!
Love, Mama

佳玲佳玲 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

Jenny said...

hehe cute :D

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Oh my gosh, so cute!! I saw you guys at mass.. The girls are DARLING!

PS - Who is 佳玲佳玲 ?? LOL You've gone international!!

Khmer Basket said...

Awesome! Happy belate Easter