Wednesday, August 20, 2008

19 Pounds!

That's how much our Pie weighs. Our Anja Pie, that is.

She had a doctors appointment this morning. It was a horrible morning and I was sure we'd miss the appointment, but we made it a few minutes early and ended up having to wait a long time too, so I shouldn't have freaked out the way I did. Anja woke up at a perfect time, around 6:00, but Martin informed me before I was even out of bed that I wouldn't be able to take a shower because he had Drano-ed the bathtub and it hadn't all gone down and some had washed back up into the tub when he poured the hot water down, so he announced the tub to be out of order for the day. Grrr. So I wet my hair and shaved my legs in the sink, washed my face and felt as good as if I'd showered. Anja was super happy all morning. She and Martin took a long walk together while I was getting ready, and we left the house only 15 minutes later than we'd planned. But then Anja screamed the whole way to Romney until Martin and I sang "Five Little Ducks" to keep her quiet until we got to Linden, where she wasn't having any more of that, so we stopped and I fed her. I thought she'd fall right asleep after eating, but instead she cried the rest of the way to Crawfordsville. Had we not had a 9:00 doctors appointment, we could've had a nice time walking around campus in the cool morning. Unfortunately, we had to get back to Lafayette. So I fed her again in hopes that she'd fall asleep on the way home... and she eventually did, after I kept singing "Five Little Ducks" over and over and over again until we were almost back to Romney. I was pretty disappointed that the appointment was so early. It would've been very nice to take a stroll around Wabash for awhile. The students aren't there yet, it was so quiet and nice. (We took a VERY short walk, during which she was very happy.)

Doctors appointment was fine; her ear infection is gone, she still has a big head, and she's healthy as a horse.

We came home and I got some dinner in the Crock Pot, tried to put her down upstairs for a real nap (since she only got about 15 minutes in the car) but she woke up right away. So I put her in the car and we went to Vienna for an iced vanilla chai. DELISH!! I haven't had one in a long time, so I treated myself. Back in the car she was so happy to just sit and play with her hands. We listened to Patty Griffin and took a little drive around the edges of Lafayette. G-R-O-S-S. We don't often drive out Creasy Lane, but I did for a change of pace today and discovered that we now have a David's Bridal in town. I think that officially makes us a big city. The sprawl on the North side of town is just as bad as the spawl on the South side. It's one strip mall after another, just like Indianapolis and Naples, Florida. It's like a whole little town of its own out there. So strange!

Now I'm going to post a BBQ recipe on the Cooking Blog.


Anonymous said...

That is quite a PIE!!
The sprawl is strange, but it is also sad. I hate it. I just stay in the center of town and pretend that we are still the town I used to know....(hey, I think I'll write a song....oh, yeah, it has already been done).
Love, Mama
PS Did you know that Baxter is in Dog Therapy???

Annie said...

Haha, I DID know that Baxter is in therapy. The poor boy suddenly has aggression issues. Isn't that sad?