Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smile for the Camera!

Karenin is going to be fine. The vet knew what was wrong with her right away... she has something called Gastro-"something"-itis. He said the trick is this medicine he gave her and a strict, bland diet. For now we're going to switch from Pedigree to Purina at the vet's suggestion and probably whenever we get some freezer space, we'll start the raw diet. The raw diet is a little bit like doing cloth diapers--it's a big heap of expense that you don't have to pay again for a long time. It might be well worth it, but it's hard to want to put down all that money at once.

So our plan for the dog now is to finish fencing in the yard so that I don't have to take her out on the leash through the winter, and hope for the best!

I thought you'd all enjoy some peek-churs of my Anja Pie. It's been awhile since I've posted any.

This is Anja enjoying some rice cereal. Yum!

Working up a sweat in her crib

With the knitted teddy bear that I FINALLY finished... and it turned out to be bigger than she is!

The snake who lives in our yard

Evil Carrot Eater

This turned up one morning in our flower bed. I kept it so Martin will have someplace to go next time he's in the doghouse!

A very special trick

Taking a morning walk!


Jill said...

Yea! Cute pictures! I'm so happy you posted a picture of your bear you've been working on. I was going to ask you to do that when you finished. It is so adorable!

Annie said...

Thanks Jill! Yeah, and it only took me a year!! Hahaha.

Elisabeth said...

Glad to see your dog will be okay!
Love the pictures, especially the evil carrot eater one and the comment about Martin's place to go when he's in the doghouse... lol--your posts are always so clever!

Anne said...

Yeah, your bear looks awesome! You've almost re-inspired me! :o)

I'm so glad I got to come to rosary group. I think it's so wonderful that you gals get to do that each week. It's so nice of you to open your home like that and so nice to pray and chat together. I hope I get to join in more frequently in the future!

Clare said...

Anja is so photogenic and happy! What a cutie pie! I am so happy Karenin is going to be okay!! Your bear is awesome! You have way more patience than me! I have a sweater I started for A. at 6 months, for last winter... well it is still only less than half finished. My goal is next fall... for #2. Until then this baby just gets hats from me. :)