Friday, August 15, 2008

Seaside Escape

Gosh, I love Mike Prangley. "We will never forget how we had severe weather and rain for like 100 straight Fridays!" That is a direct quote from his blog. I love him! He should be a chick-lit writer.

So I haven't been to a beach in 6 years. But whenever I mop my kitchen floor I can close my eyes and smell the "seaside escape" aroma of the floor cleanser and imagine I'm lying on some sandy shore with palm trees gently shading me. I think it's funny all the ways that household cleaners try to make the lives of housewives seem more pleasant. Laundry detergent called "After the Rain" to trick you into thinking of peaceful, deliciously scented raindrops instead of wet dogs tracking mud all over your floor that was just a beach party a few minutes before... And the "fresh apple pie" scented stuff that make your kitchen smell like you actually have time to bake apple pies every day. Or all those citrus cleaners convincing you that you really have a beautiful orange grove in your backyard... even though you live in Indiana and really all that's back there is a dead garden and a scummy alley.

I think I've mentioned this before, but the only bad thing about being married to your soulmate is that it's hard to surprise each other. Last night was another rough night with Anja and then this morning she nursed from 5:00-after 7:00. She simply wouldn't let me go. Finally, I tried just getting her up around 6:30, but she wasn't having that either. Eventually I was able to get her detached and remain asleep and I came downstairs where Martin told me to get in the shower. Well, I really didn't have time to be taking a shower when he wasn't even ready for work yet. So I told him, "No, there isn't any time." He said, "Oh, sure there is." And I thought, "he's going to get bagels for breakfast." So I started laughing and I HAD to tell him that I knew what he was doing, and he was a little bit disappointed, just like he always is when he tries to surprise me and I call him out on it. I should just keep my mouth shut and pretend to be surprised, but it's hard. I like that better though than when we were dating and engaged and I would try to buy him surprises and almost every time I bought him something (mostly books) he already had it. Grr! That was frustrating. But I guess I knew what he liked.

Speaking of baking apple pies... Laura mentioned on her blog that she's going to bake one for Dan's birthday and I am in the mood for a pie myself. I think I'll have to make going to the Farmers Market a priority tomorrow and I'll get some berries to make some pies. I was really on a pie-making kick for awhile, but then I realized I couldn't button my pants anymore so I had to stop. I can't resist the urge though with this cool fall weather!

The Feast of the Hunter's Moon is earlier than it's been the last few years. I'm looking forward to it. It will be Anja's first Feast and she's all set to go with her own little pack basket, some moccasins, and I think she even has a little Feast shirt and I can whip up a little skirt for her in no time. I'm really excited. I love the Feast!!!

Anja has taken excellent naps today and I'm hoping that is a good sign for tonight. We're going to the Otterbein mass tonight (is it at 6:00 or 6:30? Anyone know?) and I'll have her in her pj's and hopefully she'll fall asleep in the car on the way home at her usual bedtime.

Man, I'd like to bake a pie RIGHT NOW!! Too bad it's Friday and there isn't a Farmers Market and I don't have a car, and even if I did, Anja is asleep so I couldn't go anyplace right now anyway. Tomorrow!


LauraSuz said...

Dan and I were talking the other day about all the good fall meals I can't wait to cook and he can't wait to eat, i.e., chili with corn bread, stews, homemade cider, pumpkin muffins...the list is endless. I love fall baking!!

Anne said...

And I would love to come over and help eat your pie!! :o)

Elisabeth said...

ooh i second that... i'm not a pie baker, but i'm definitely a pie eater! :) and laura, if you read this, i'm in for the pumpkin muffins too--they're the best! maybe i'm just hungry...? lol