Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blast from the Past

I'd like to preface this post by saying that we are not die-hard Purdue fans in this house. We are loyal to them as our local university, the owners of the spot on which we got engaged, builders of our favorite fountains, location of our favorite coffee shop, etc., but I think overall, we could take it or leave it. So why has our carpet been colored black and gold??

Oh! That's because our idiot dog got into a set of oil paints and ate two tubes! One black, one yellow. This blasted dog. Seriously.

Anyway, the other day I was driving down to Crawfordsville with Anja and she was a little bit upset to be in her carseat for so long, so I started singing to her. I sang an assortment of show tunes and Disney soundtrack songs and she seemed to really enjoy them. So that got me thinking about various soundtracks I used to have on cassette tape; I came home and looked for the, specifically keeping an eye out for The Little Mermaid and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Well, I didn't find either of those (the only soundtracks I found were Beauty & the Beast and Hoosiers) but I did find an entire box of REALLY GOOD forgotten cassette tapes from my highschool days. All afternoon Anja and I put in tape after tape and listened to all this great music, and I could almost feel the non-airconditioned stickiness of summer driving in my '78 Cutlass with this music blaring from the little battery powered jambox I kept between the seats. Aaaah.... and it made me want to eat a lot of Papa Johns pizza. Sausage and Pineapple, especially. We had such good times in highschool!!! I miss having Perkins around all the time and I'm always begging her to move back here. Maybe someday she actually will.

So when Martin got home we started talking about highschool and our cars and the music we both listened to. Martin drove a white '87 LeBaron with red interior. I drove a white '78 Cutlass with green interior. We both made mix tapes for ourselves all the time and listened to music nobody else listened to. We were totally in the running for coolest kids at school. (That's a joke.) But if there is one regret I have about my life, it's not taking the backseat out of Hilda before I sold her to those drug dealers. That back seat would've made an incredible couch, and it was always my plan to take it out and keep it, but then I didn't. Ugh. I'll always regret that. Especially now since we're looking for a couch for the back room!!

If we had a lot of money, I would want to start a store. It would be called Schap Naturals and it would be located where H. Leon's studio used to be--a perfect sized store with exposed brick walls, wood floors, and a really pretty white built-in bookcase looking shelf. I would sell homemade soaps and perfumes and shampoos, and maybe some knitted things made from organic cotton. A total hippie-dippie store. Wouldn't that be great?? And I would have so much fun decorating it and displaying everything and especially at Christmas time, making little gift baskets and putting up a Christmas tree and hanging little soaps from it. I would loooooove to do that. Ah, someday.

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