Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

The other day I was feeling pretty sour, and decided to think up a list of things I love. I wrote them all down, but then I used the list as a bookmark and when I finished the book I was reading, I threw the list away. Whoops! I do remember a few things though.

One thing that has just made the list is "Anja in the laundry basket." I love it! I can't really fold laundry anymore while she's around, which is a minorly inconvenient, because she loves laundry. Love to roll in it and throw it around and eat it. She loves to climb into the laundry basket, and fall back on a pile of clean clothes and laugh. She's so weird! But cute, of course. Another thing she loves is Nalgene bottles. So she was playing with one on the floor today and she started playing a little peekaboo game with it, putting her face down on it and popping back up. Well, this Nalgene was straight from the fridge. As she played, her little nose turned redder and redder!

Anja slept monsterously last night, meaning she was pretty much awake from 1:30-sometime after 5:00. I spent much of the middle of the night driving her around town. As soon as I would bring her inside, she'd wake up crying, but not want to nurse, etc., so off we'd go again. At one point around 4:45 I made a wrong turn over on campus and ended up back behind Elliot Hall where this policeman was staked out. I was sure I was going to get pulled over, but he didn't even follow me. Maybe he had fallen asleep. So aaaanyway, this morning Martin had to go down to Crawfordsville to "work" which meant he had a recruit coming to see the campus, but the kid didn't show up. I rode down with him (he had a feeling the kid would be a no-show) and we got milkshakes and went home again. A silly little trip, but not all bad. When we got home I was soooooo tired, so Martin put Anja in the wrap and put the Gentle Leader on Karenin and took them both on a walk for AN HOUR!!! I fell right asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until about 5 minutes before they got home. It was amazing!

Our neighbors are grilling out with a lot of lighter fluid and I keep thinking our house is on fire. It's such a yucky, electric kind of smell, and we've got such bad wiring in this place we're always expecting it to burn down.

I wanted to get some veggies at the Farmers Market this morning to feed Anja, but we chose to sleep in a little bit instead. I definitely don't regret that decision! Now I'm off to the store to buy a sweet potato and maybe some bananas or something too. My mom lent me her food processor, so I'm hoping it works better than our regular blender at mashing up hard things. Anja does love her sweet potatoes!

I think my garden has died. It makes me want to sing that sad Elton John song...


Elisabeth said...

yay for gratitude lists... they're definitely useful when the pessimism sets in. i should probably make more of them! ;)

MES said...

Colette loved sweet potatoes, too. In fact, I fed her so many that her nose turned orange from them! Haha.

Annie said...

I know! Aren't they great? Just writing everything down seems to make you feel happier. I realize now that I didn't actually post my list... maybe I will sometime.

HILARIOUS. I almost want that to happen to Anja. My mom always tells the story of when my brother was a baby and he ate so many carrots he turned orange. Ha!