Monday, August 4, 2008

It Used to Be Large!

Anja and I went for a stroller walk today around noon. We didn't get all that far before a big dark rain cloud came over us and I felt one drop. It was really hazy and I didn't have the rain cover for the stroller with me, so instead of risking it, we just turned back toward home. Of course, by the time we got there the big dark cloud had passed and it didn't look nearly as threatening anymore. Also, I came down with a sudden craving for a Green River from McCord's. So I strapped Anja to me and went back out with my pocket full of quarters that I conveniently found in the bottom of my purse! So I walk into McCord's, where I haven't been in awhile, and I ask them if they still HAVE Green Rivers, because I haven't ordered one in probably YEARS, and they say yes and while I'm staring directly at the cup sizes displayed on the wall that say SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and JUMBO, I order a "LARGE" green river instead of a Medium!!!!!!!!!! I WAS STARING RIGHT AT THE MEDIUM CUP AND I SAID LARGE!!!! What's WRONG with me?!?!? I swear, they used to only have three sizes and they were Small, Large and Jumbo. I KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE. So then somebody else rang me up and my first thought was, "wow, they put a heavy tax on their fountain drinks" and then the other kid gives me my colossal drink that's so big I can hardly carry it in one hand, let alone carry it home and keep Anja from stealing the straw or biting through the styrofoam... and my second thought is, "no, I ordered a LARGE..." but I didn't want to embarrass the kid so I took it and left and then finally when I was outside on the sidewalk I finally realized my own stupid mistake and felt like such a pig carrying this nuclear green drink the size of Texas down the street on my shoulder, which is where I have to carry things to keep them out of Anja's reach. Especially things that are as heavy as a Large drink from McCord's. Sheesh!

In other news, we had a fun weekend. Except for the part where Martin discovered he'd broken the mower... but other than that little detail, it was pretty fun!

On Friday we went to the birthday cookout over at my sister's house to celebrate the birthdays of my nephew Christopher and my dad. It was a good cookout! I'm always sorry when we have to leave so early. We try to give Anja a bedtime and sometimes she takes it, and sometimes she doesn't, but she's always tired around 7:30. So we took her home and I tried to put her down with no success, so we put her in her stroller and we took a walk through the Gallery Walk. We went up to K.Dee's where Kim was playing with George and Jacob and I sat in for a few songs and it was fun. I miss playing out, but there isn't any way I can do it anymore. Nobody wants live music before 7:00 and Anja doesn't go to bed without me. Heck, Anja can't stand to be out of my sight. I now have to take her into the bathroom with me when I need to potty--this had never been an issue until recently.

So that was Friday. On Saturday we woke up to the details of my latest post, and then headed up to Merrilville for my cousin's wedding. We grossly overestimated our travel time and got there an hour and a half early. It was funny to see all the people at the wedding, people Martin didn't expect to be there and I didn't expect either until I saw them. My family, the Traveling Circus, all sat together in one pew. The reception was pretty fun... but poor Bella and Anja. They just wanted to have their own baby time on their blanket, but the big kids wanted to play with them. They both got pretty annoyed. You KNOW life is hard when Bella gets upset! I was really sad to leave before the dancing. This was our fifth and final wedding of the summer and we've never gotten to stay for the dancing. But at least we got to eat our whole dinner, which is better than usual. We didn't stay long enough for cake though. Too bad.

On Sunday morning we had decided we weren't going to try to go to 7:30, we were going to shoot for the 10:00 at St. Ann's. So we woke up at 8:00 and ate Cookie Crisp in bed and let Anja crawl all over us again. We got ready for church and could've even made it on time, but Anja was having a meltdown so I put her down for a nap at 9:15 with the intention of waking her up right before it was time to go... but I realized I hadn't dressed her yet, and I'd have to feed her again, and Martin said we shouldn't wake her from her nap and let's go to the noon mass instead. So we did, but before we left we got a voicemail from my mom inviting us out to brunch after the 9:30 mass! We were bummed.... had we been able to make it to the 10:00 we could've gone to brunch. But later we though going to dinner would be a good idea, especially since we had a bunch of peeler coupons. So for dinner after a boring, lazy afternoon of reading books at home, we met my parents at Mountain Jacks where Anja devoured a jar of sweet potatoes and still wanted more, and everyone had a good time. My mom wanted to take home the napkin that Anja was loving on, but when it was time to go, she forgot it. The only bad thing that happened is that we might've left one of Anja's favorite toys there and that would be a true tradgedy.

There's no air conditioning in the big back room so we open the windows and I love to hear the cicadas. It's sad that school goes back next week. I've been thinking about summertimes when we were kids and we'd ride bikes all day and go swimming at my aunt and uncle's house. Aaah, those were the days!

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Anonymous said...

We had fun on Sunday, too! What toy did Anja leave behind? The little wooden one? You should call and see if they have it.
You are right about those childhood summer days....they were perfect. Mine were the same way, except we would walk to Columbian Park and swim every afternoon. Come home just in time for dinner and then play outside until the street lights came on. I think it is a CRIME that the kids have to go back to school before the summer is even over. They play organized sports for the whole summer and then go back to sitting in a desk for eight hours. No time to just ride bikes and be free. We are stealing their childhoods from them
OK there is my rant for the day.