Friday, February 20, 2009

Dusting Magnets

Martin and I recently agreed to have our house on a home tour called "Hidden Downtown" coming up in May. It was about three seconds after telling the woman in charge that we'd do it, that I realized what a dumb decision that was. Hello! I live here! I, more than anyone, know how dirty it is! So today during naptime when I found myself taking down and cleaning all of the vases and dusting the top of the refrigerator (for the first time since we've lived here), then dusting the walls, all the rest of the kitchen shelves, the area where we keep our cookbooks (including the inside of a basket) and even dusting the magnets on the refrigerator (all after I'd made a batch of brownies!) I wasn't so inclined to think I was victim of the "nesting" instinct, so much as the instinct that said, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING AGREEING TO OPEN YOUR HOUSE TO A BUNCH OF STRANGERS?!?!?!?!?!"

The sad thing is, I kind of lie when I say that Martin and I agreed to this. He actually didn't want to, but I agreed to do it the other day when he wasn't home. And then I forgot to tell him until today. So when I texted him all of my cleaning feats, he responded with, "Wow. Maybe you will go early." And then I remembered to tell him about the tour... heh... heh... He hasn't responded to that particular text yet.


Anonymous said...

Annie: Don't do all that dusting and cleaning yet. The tour is not until May.....3 months away. It will all be dusty again. Do the big jobs.....the back room, the front yard, etc. That's what we did when our house was on tour....and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We got lots done in a short amount of time. Think about all those make-over shows. But you don't need to do all that deep cleaning until the week before. Just make sure your windows are clean (inside and out)....for some reason people always seem to notice that. Once when our house was on tour some lady brought her sister back just to see how clean the windows were!!!
And remember, I love to clean and I am always ready to help....broom in hand!
Love, Mama
PS Rearranging furniture just puts me in 7th. Heaven. jFree Help! It doesn't get any better than that!

Joannie said...

Hey, yeah, think of all the makeover shows... and then write to them and tell them your predicament and maybe they'll come redo the big back room and give you lots of money!!

(Um, did your Mom really just say that some lady brought her sister back to show her the clean windows!? Mrs Hatke, you're hilarious! Are you sure YOU don't want to have a blog?!)