Monday, February 23, 2009


Hm. It looks like I actually am nesting and not just freaking out about the Home Tour. This is not a bad thing at all! For someone whose housekeeping skills range between "moderately low" and "nonexistent," this is a really good thing for our house. I've been cleaning in odd places, changing lightbulbs, and last night I folded and put away all of Mount Laundry! Not only that, but I've made a list of all the fairly big things that need to get done before our second dinosaur arrives, and things are quickly getting checked off the list! And what hasn't yet been checked off has a set date to happen, which is this coming weekend and the weekdays following. I feel so good to be getting things done! Today I boxed up a bunch of maternity clothes. I've pretty much gone this whole pregnancy wearing a cycle of three or four things while my closet was full of summer preggo clothes.

Anja is SO CUTE. I love her teeth and I love her fuzzy duckie hair and I love her baby pterodactyl noises. She is such a snuggle bug these days, and she's getting so smart too! Maybe smart isn't the right word... the thing is, she's LEARNING. We can see her learning! It's so much fun!! Not that we didn't think she was great right when she was born, but this toddler age is, in it's way, so much more fun. And so much more rewarding! Anyone can change a diaper and pace around the house with a crying baby. But now I finally feel like I'm actually parenting. I feel like I'm doing my job, now that I play real games with her, talk to her and get a response, and watch her follow instructions. It's really great! And she's such the little helper. Last night we were laughing at how much she reminds us of Gracie sometimes... the way she picks things up and puts things in their place--even if it's the wrong place. The way she mimicks me when I wipe up a spill or pick up some trash. She's always picking up "trash" and giving it to me. (It's really nothing--she just pretends to pick up a piece of something and hand it to me, but it's usually just air! Once in awhile it's a real piece of lint or something though.) Today she got a sticker from the girls at the grocery store and she loved to stick it on her carseat buckle, pull it off, and restick it. She was so proud! Yesterday we were telling her what a pretty dress she was wearing, and every time we said it, she would pat her belly, or finger the little bow on her dress and look so pleased. She's so adorable! I would have a million more little girls, if they were offered to me. I'm sure boys are fun too... and I might soon be finding out just how fun they can be... but as someone who has just one little sweetie pie, I think girls are TOPS!

Okay, I didn't actually get on here to make a post. I was just going to try to find and re-read a specific old post while my tea was cooling in the kitchen.

But tonight we got pizza for dinner and it was awesome and now I feel like death. Tomorrow I'm making a fun dessert for Fat Tuesday!

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