Sunday, February 8, 2009


This has been a VERY nice weekend. Anja has been in the greatest moods of her life for the past few days, and last night she even had a good night of sleep! She only woke up TWICE (that is a new record) and while the first time it took two hours to get her back to sleep, it was still better than waking up every thirty minutes the whole night through. When she crawled into my bed to snuggle me at 6:00 I was able to wake up right away!

So basically we've just been lazing around this weekend. Yesterday after she woke up from her nap we went on a family walk. We went up to the Art Museum so I was finally able to see that exhibit. I think we bid on a photo... at least Martin asked if I wanted to, and I said yes, but I'm not sure if he actually remembered to make the bid. Anyway.... from there we walked down to Main Street and stopped into K.Dee's where we haven't been in AGES. Then down Main Street a little ways, and I remembered that I'm completely in love with our town. I can't believe how long it's been since I've walked Main Street. I guess that's what winters with a baby will do to you. But yesterday was a gorgeous day--Anja LOVES the wind! And she adores her stroller. When we got home Martin voiced his concern over Anja's complete obsession with her stroller. You see, we haven't really intended on getting a double stroller, or even a second stroller. We have our awesome Ergo and a number of wraps and slings, so I just don't see the point in a double stroller that I wouldn't be able to get up and down the stairs of the pedestrian bridge anyway. However, Martin mentioned that he doubts Anja will ever let anyone else ride in her stroller. Hm. I hadn't thought of that. With most things, I doubt Anja will care one way or the other about having a little person to share with... but he's right about the stroller. It's kind of her throne.

Anyway, after the walk we lazed around for awhile, then went to the grocery. Back at home, Anja was STILL in a great mood (even though it was nearing her bedtime!) and I made Chicken Parmesan for dinner. It was pretty delicious! Anja went down fairly easily for bed, so after she was asleep I pummelled Martin in Bananagrams.

Anja is asleep now. When she wakes up we will play with her and read books with her and be lazy with her. Then later in the afternoon our friend Keith is coming up from Indianapolis to visit us. We haven't seen him since he came to meet Anja when she was born!!!!!!!! That's been a long time.

Anyway. There really was stuff I wanted to get done during her nap, so here I go. I'm really looking forward to getting the back room in order, and eventually getting our wireless internet set up. Reeeeeaaaallllyyyy.


Clare said...

Anastasia is the same way with her stroller. Thats when little baby carriers are GREAT!!! Its the only way i get to go anywhere that doesn't have a shopping cart. Maybe a wagon would work? Except it probably wouldnt do much for stairs.

I am glad you find me so cute, and Martin thinks I am nice. lol. and I found Bananagrams at borders ner my parents house and am looking for a coupon (and another trip to their house) in order to buy it. You make me want to play it SO BAD!

Annie said...

Hahaha, I hope that if you ever do play it you find it fun now that I've talked it up so much! We're completely obsessed with it. But one of the really fun parts is that we've turned out to be pretty equal competition for each other. it makes it so much more fun when you have a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Annie: That is so funny! Daddy and I find that we are equally matched in ping-pong (the regular game) and on the tennis and bowling. He skunks me on cow racing. But I guess that is because I didn't grow up on a farm. I guess that means we were meant for each other!