Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sixty-Three Degrees

I was more than grateful to Martin today when he called me on his lunch break to suggest that Anja and I take a walk because of the beautiful weather. Somehow or another I always end up missing out on the early days of good weather. I think this is partly because I've given up bringing in the mail. I almost never go out for the mail... which is pretty sad, considering our box is attached to our house, right outside our front door. All I have to do is reach my arm out and grab the pile. I got out of the habit in the fall though, when a giant spider took up residence in our mailbox, and I kind of just never got back into it. So anyway, that being said, some days not even my arm gets out the door, so I'm often unaware of the gorgeous weather.

Aaanyway.... so Martin called me and told me it was a beautiful day, and that was just what both Anja and I needed. She woke up happy from her nap, but her nap was very short and had even started a little early, and I could tell it was going to be a long afternoon. The walk was wonderful! We went up and down Main Street, saw a kitten in a window and then met up with "Uncle" Kim who was also out and about enjoying the fine day. Yay for spring!

So we had a very enjoyable afternoon and planned to go to the 5:30 mass at St. Boniface when Martin got home. He pretty much just swung by and picked us up for it. Now, I knew from having attended this particular Ash Wednesday mass for the past two years that it is slightly-- okay, more like totally--chaotic. We got there as soon as we possibly could, which was right on time, and we came into a packed church that only got more and more packed as time went on. We staked out our spot in a corner in the back with Mrs. Shireman, and it gave Anja a little room to move, but it was very hot and very stuffy and very loud, and more than anything she wanted to go around meeting all the babies that were there--and there were a lot of babies there. And then the meltdown came. She totally lost it. Martin took her outside where she was happy as a clam to run around on the sidewalk, and I was able to at least stay long enough to recieve ashes, but every time Martin tried to come back in Anja would scream bloody murder. And it was just getting colder and colder outside, and then they switched languages and since I don't speak Spanish and I couldn't see anything, I decided it might be time for us to just leave. When I went out to ask Martin what he wanted to do, Anja was really upset again, so that was our answer. The poor girl was cold and tired and hungry. BUT, the most wonderful thing did happen when we first got there--Andy Korty came over and offered me his lunch box cooler to sit on!!!!! I have never been more grateful in my life. Just on the way in I'd been complaining to Martin about how much my hips hurt, and the idea of standing up for a two hour mass was not appealing. But I didn't have to stand the whole time, thanks to good old Andy. Yay!

Last night for Fat Tuesday I made some DELICIOUS chocolate mousse and chocolate covered strawberries to go with it. It was quite the treat. I'd never made mousse before, nor had I ever thought about making mousse before, and I was surprised to find that it's just about the easiest thing anyone could ever make! It was soooooooo delicious. And Anja had strawberries for the first time with her dinner and she LOVED them. It made me very sad that we won't be able to go strawberry picking at Pretty Prairie this year. Not only would she probably really enjoy going out there with her cousins, but she'd also probably be pretty good at it, since she loves to put stuff into baskets and boxes and bags. Too bad. Well, maybe we can find another berry farm around someplace and go there instead.


Beth F said...

So next year will you be hitting the 6:30, School, 12:10 or 5:30 mass?

The year we were first married, I convinced J to go to the 530, pretty much so that I wouldn't have to wake up early for the 6:30. Never again!

Anonymous said...

Annie: I was just wondering the other day where we would go for our strawberry picking! We have gone to Pretty Prairie since YOU kids were little! Sad. But we will find another place. I think yesterday was the first Ash Wednesday in my life that I have missed Mass. But spreading this flu around would probably be a Mortal Sin. Yea for Andy Korty!!!
Love, Mama

Annie said...

I'd forgotten about the school mass! And the whole reason we went to the 5:30 was because Anja isn't awake by 6:30 and she naps through the noon hour. But we could've made it to the 8:15! Rats. Well, next year. We decided that we'll just have to go to separate masses next year and not take the kidders. Although by next year maybe our schedules will be completely different and something better will work out!

Sarah said...

I took the kis to noon -- it was fine until the Consecration, when PX laid down on he floor and started yelling "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" So I just complied. It was pretty rotten.