Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Fleeting is the Weekend

I hate Mondays. I realize today is only Sunday, but I'm looking toward tomorrow and already seeing how lousy it's going to be. It's always such a letdown to have Martin go back to work after the weekend. Even though our days here are perfectly sunny (most of the time) it's always a little better when he's around. Stuff just seems funnier when you have another person to laugh with. (Anja's laughing doesn't count--she's one of those people who laughs when other people laugh, just because she thinks she's supposed to.)

Last week I went over to Laura's house to visit with those Di Fabio girls. What a fun time! Charles and Anja had a good time together and Monica is such a little cutie. I am always amazed at babies who just sit there and coo and look around. Anja never did that. If Anja was awake, Anja was screaming. But we had no idea that wasn't normal! Silly us. This time around we will know better.

Yesterday was Laura's baby shower. Very fun! I took my camera but didn't take pictures, and most of my time was spent chasing Anja around. She had a good time though and REALLY enjoyed eating the cake!! She and I actually went separately to the shower; she was still asleep when I left, but since she was invited (and I had her dress all picked out) Martin got her ready and walked her over to me. I'm so glad he did! They had a lot of time together yesterday. In the morning I kept on sleeping while he got up with her. When I woke up an hour later they were gone. They'd gone out to breakfast! Hahaha. What a couple of sillies! But I have to say, Anja was wearing a VERY cute outfit, color coordinated and everything!

This morning we intentionally slept through our alarm for the 7:30 mass. I heard it going off and gave Martin a little nudge so he'd turn it off. Then we promptly went back to sleep. It was just too cozy to get up that early. Anja has gotten into the habit of coming into our bed earlier in the night now. I can't complain. I actually really love it. The fact that she wakes up and all I have to do is hold up the blankets for her and let her crawl in next to me... it's SO CUTE. Nevermind that it's slightly crammed, what with my big belly and she and Martin both being the bed hogs that they are... When we finally did get up this morning at 7:00, she was SO SNUGGLY. She crawled over me to go cuddle with Martin and was just being so sweet and affectionate. And it lasted into the morning too. She was in SUCH a great mood all morning!!! We went to the 10:00 mass at St. Ann's and actually got there EARLY! That almost never happens anymore! It seems like all the families at St. Ann's have four children, all of one gender or the other. There were two families there today with four boys, one family with five girls. Funny!

I had made brownies on Friday to take to the shower on Saturday, but I forgot to grease the pan, so we've just kind of been eating them out of the pan with a spoon, more or less. I think they taste a little funny (I altered a recipe to fit the ingredients I had on hand) but evidently Martin likes them... last I checked half the pan was gone.

Everyone in my family has been barfing lately, but we've managed to steer clear of the bug. Now my mom's got it. She was supposed to watch Anja on Tuesday during my doctor appointment, but I don't really feel like taking any chances with a Barf Bug, so Martin said he'd make himself available. The benefits of him working in town are endless!

Yesterday I got out all the boxes of clothes from under the bed in Anja's room and did some reorganizing. I put away all of her too-small winter and fall dresses and got out all of the dresses for spring and summer that we've had since last year, but will fit her this year. I am VERY excited for summer now. She had some of the most adorable dresses I've ever seen! I also have a good variety of pretty dresses that should fit Bella this spring, so I called my sister and invited her over to look through my collection, specifically for an Easter dress, because we have some REALLY cute fancy little dresses. All thanks to my mother-in-law and her garage sale/Goodwill addiction!!!

Did I ever post about the day I'd gone to Goodwill and passed up a really pretty dress because it was size 4T and I convinced myself I didn't want to store it for that long ... then later in the evening, Mrs. Schap came over with that dress! Hahaha! It's nice to fit into a family so well!

I can't believe I'm less than four weeks to my due date. At the shower yesterday people commented on how "small" I am for being so far along. I assured them that I feel plenty big--but now I'm all paranoid that my due date is wrong and I'll go a million weeks late and feel like I've been pregnant for years!!!!!! Aaaahh!!!! It's not just that I'm sick of being pregnant... I'm DYING to meet this second baby. I want to know if it's Greta or Fran and if he has hair and whether or not his eyes are disturbingly close together as they appear to be in the ultrasound picture on our fridge. Well... babies come when they come, I guess.

Okay. There is a VERY creepy spider on the wall right beside me. I'm going to squash him dead, then leave. Blech.

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Sarah said...

If Martin can't watch Anja, she can come over here! We would love to play with her and thankfully we are no longer a bunch of sickies.