Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello, Cupcake!! (A Schmalentine's Day Post)

Even though my valentines haven't gotten finished so only a few select people had the joy of recieving them (I'll try to put a picture up by the end of the day though,) it has been a good Schmalentine's Day so far! We woke up early, got ready quickly, and drove up to the Klein Brot Haus for breakfast! It was so good to go back there... we haven't been in FOR-EV-ER. Delicious and fun, plus that wonderful couple who calls us "kids" came in and it was great to see them. The wife told me that their first two babies were about the same age difference as Anja and this new one will be, and she said what every single person with this experience has said: "I wouldn't have it any other way." She said she and her siblings were all 15 months and one week apart in age! I am not in need of any encouragement about this age setup--I think of a new reason to be grateful for it every day--but if I did, I'd sure be getting my fill! I know that it has potential to be a difficult beginning, but overall, I couldn't be happier that these two dumplings are going to be so close in age.

Okay, but that is really not the reason for this post. Martin and I exchanged Schmalentine's Day gifts in the car before going in for breakfast. Anja got a couple of Schleich animals (a black stallion, and a dog that looks like Karenin, which she reeealllyyyyy loved, and shared her breakfast with!) and I gave Martin the latest Bob Dylan Bootleg album which came out last year. It's really good. Also I gave him a container of Christmas M&M's with a dreidle on top that I found in the dollar basket at Von's. But GUESS WHAT HE GAVE ME!!!! No, not a kitten. But it's a sort of cookbook, or rather a decorating book for your cooking called "Hello, Cupcake!" and it's all these amazing ways to decorate cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO CUTE!!!!! Some of them look easier than others, but really it's just candy and a frosting squirted from a ziplock bag. Totally do-able! My first attempt is going to be "Old Swampy" the alligator who is made of 24 cupcakes. He is really cute, and perfect for a party... and if he turns out, he will be sent to Martin's work on Wednesday where they're having a baby shower for one of the girls in his office. I really hope it works out! Old Swampy looks like he might be one of the easier ones with less detail. The baby shower cupcakes were very cute, but they look like they take a little more time and precision... and more variety of candies too. Old Swampy doesn't require all that much. But the book, aside from being absolutely adorable, is also nice because it's directions are very exact. They even tell you the brand of candies they use. It has a whole section on facial expressions for your cupcakes! This book is amazing. I'm SO EXCITED about it. Another good party cupcake tray would be the vegetable garden. These things are amazing... you should look up the book on Amazon.

And that's it! Now it's time to put Anja Pie down for a nap. We've had a good day so far, and Martin promised me a game of Bananagrams during Anja's nap.

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